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World Vision

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Folks,

    As most of you know, we have 2 World Vision Sponsor children.

    If you don't know, well, now you do.
    The link to the left of the page has all teh details.

    It's $43 a month per child = $516

    We have 20 spots per child and they are $26 each.

    Once all 40 have been "taken" that is it for another year.

    This is a great opportunity to be part of Child Sponsorship without having to fork out over $500 a year.
  3. will take 2nd spot for each.
  4. Gee awesome response from you lot :roll:

    $0.50c a week = $0.071 cents a day.

    Don't tell me we are going to struggle to get 40 people on board this year :(

  5. I take 3rd spot on each if Garfield has 2nd.

    Now I'm off to pay!!


    PS It's cheaper that oil for a service!!
  6. Vic, just went to pay and said Paymate certificate was out of date (or something like that). Will try again and let you know what happens



    Please ignore. My Idiot Stick was fully engaged. It does say Certificate error but then says click here to continue. I clicked, continued, paid and now all is well with the world!!

  7. Problem with the certificate is that paymate changed from paymate.com.au to paymate.com

    You can safely ignore that warning and continue onto the payment screen.

    I'm sure it will eventually get fixed.

    Your payment was received.

  8. Could not make the paymate work either. Finally got to the post office and stood in a queue and bought a good old fashioned postal note for $52. It will be in the mail today.[/quote]
  9. Sorted. Payment ID 00213
  10. Great Idea for those of us that find it difficult to fork out $516
    Thanks Vic !

    Order Id is 00215
    Paymate Transaction ID 17408696964
  11. I've done this the last few years and I will buy 1 spot for each child again, but this is the first time I've seen the thread come up.

    Maybe it just needs bumping a bit?

    People can't donate if they don't know it's that time of the year again.

    Checkout Process Has Been Passed Successfully.
    Order Id is 00216

    In order to pay via paymate I had to force FireFox 3 to accept an invalid certificate, because the certificate for the web site is only valid for paymate.com not paymate.com.au

    FF2 never did that from memory...
  12. One of each please. Order 0217.

  13. 2 of 1 or 1 of 2. :p

    Order 00218. :cool:
  14. Oh and Vic...

    my forum nickname is ZRX1200R not ZX1200R :p
  15. order #00214,

    do i actually need to post this though? I'm just going to follow what everyone else does because I value original thinking, independent action and above all, the occasional lamb chop.
  16. Mate for an additional $52 I'll update it :p

    All fixed ;)
  17. You know, I will hassle until all the spots are filled. ;)
  18. Put me down for each (order 00226).

    Never knew about this, I should read the announcements and news forum more often

  19. Done.

    Order number 00227
  20. Didn't see this post until now. Count me in. Order No. 00228