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World Supersport Qualifying Losail

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. 1 F. FORET Yamaha World Supersport Yamaha YZF-R6 2'01.928
    2 C. JONES Parkalgar Racing Team Honda CBR600RR 2'02.273
    3 M. LAGRIVE Intermoto Czech Honda CBR600RR 2'02.554
    4 J. REA Hannspree Ten Kate Honda Honda CBR600RR 2'02.617
    5 B. PARKES Yamaha World Supersport Yamaha YZF-R6 2'02.636
    6 J. LASCORZ Glaner Motocard.com Honda CBR600RR 2'02.718
    7 G. MCCOY Triumph - SC Triumph 675 2'02.770
    8 I. CLEMENTI Triumph Italia BE1 Racing Triumph 675 2'02.862
    9 D. SALOM Yamaha Spain Yamaha YZF-R6 2'02.866
    10 A. PITT Hannspree Ten Kate Honda Honda CBR600RR 2'02.903
    11 M. AITCHISON Triumph Italia BE1 Racing Triumph 675 2'02.964
    12 J. BROOKES Hannspree Stiggy Motors. HondHaonda CBR600RR 2'02.986

    Not a bad performance for the 675, it's first year of development, it's first race and 3 of them in the top 12!

    5 Australians in the top 12, 1 Englishman, 1 Irishman. Makings of a good joke!

    Superpole still to be run for Superbike.
  2. Man - 0.4secs separating positions 3-12. Bodes well for a closish race.

    Being a fan of the 675, I'd like to see it on the podium, but I am reserved about that happening as they've only been developing it for a little over two months, and as little a few weeks ago the bike still had a fair bit of street/stock gear bolted to it. It looks like they've picked up a few more tenths on the field in that time though, so perhaps by mid year we might see it on the podium.

    Both Honda and Yamaha's 600's have picked up their game this year too. The CBR now has around 18 months of racing development on it, and the new R6 has the new motor with the better mid-range.

    Is that the full field cejay? Where are the Kwaka's and Suzuki's?
  3. That's awesome, McCoy's the MAN!
  4. Calm down Loz.It's only qualifying.
  5. A field of 36 bikes with 2s gap down to 20th. The ZX's are still new and should be up there for the race. Can't wait!
  6. It's only the comeback of one of our finest and unluckiest riders!
  7. No such thing as Luck. Send over a semi load, if you find some.
    Almost thought it was cejay in 2nd.