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World Supersport (Possible Spoiler) Assen

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. Farking hell.

    What a race. Amazing. Haven't seen anything like that in ages. Supersport as it used to be, close, hard racing, within mm of each other.


  2. You bastard. Here I am, making engine protectors, to save your sorry ass. What are you doing, watching telly.
    Joel, we have another one to hit with timber.
  3. Watching telly and drinking beer. And wine.
  4. Joel, we have to drink his house dry first. Just put the Bourbon near the door.
  5. How close did the TenKate guys stick that front wheel under each other :shock: Holy Crap!!
    That was great.
  6. Rog, i'm with you.
    best part is, i actually know where he lives!

    'twas a damn good race though, as honda as i am, with such a saturated field, i wanna see [FLUX]'s 675s do something special at some stage.
  7. lol!

    Aitcho was only 4s off the lead. In 11th!
  8. Righto Joel, balaclavas on. Lets rock and roll.
  9. Very exciting race. Edge of the seat stuff. As for the 675, Atcho championed its cause, being only 0.18s/lap off the pace of the leaders. That's so close. Four races into the most competitive class in the series with a bike still in development and it is threatening to break into its stride. I did say at the start of the season that I didn't really expect the 675 to be winning races this year. Might see it come good by year's end. It's there, it's almost on pace, it's improving, and it's threatening. Supersport is a different world. Very highly modified bikes, and the Ten Kate team just seem to have some extra oomph.

    Going to be a good year.
  10. Damn missed it! :evil:
    I've gotta see if I can get that channel on select-tv.
    fox sports 1 ? or 2?
  11. How modified are they? Superbike levels of mods?
  12. Full set of regulations here: http://www.fim.ch/en/default.asp?item=27#

    The 675's started the season off being only moderately modified from stock, and are developing from there.

    Interesting. The 675 triples are carrying a 4kg weight penalty against the 600cc I4's. Hmmm. They do say that every 1kg extra on the bike costs around 0.1s/lap on average. Maybe the 675's would already be running at the front if they weren't carrying the penalty....
  13. Given that they stupidly only weigh the bike and not the bike/rider combination, all they need to do is get a smaller rider, say someone like Craig Coxhell, and they should be a second a lap clear! :LOL: