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World Supers testing at PI this week

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by pvda, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Found the following on the Australian Superbike Series web site

    As you can see it's a closed test BUT there's nothing to stop you from standing outside the fence around the track for a look if you're in the area.

    I've also been sitting in a medical car in pit lane outside race control waiting for someone to crash at one of these test days only to have a large group of people being given a track tour from the Visitors Centre walk past (gave them a bonus look at what the FIV's carry in the boot).

  2. Have to check the website but Biaggi seems to be missing from the Alstare lineup.

    Presumably the Dukes are the new 1098s?

    Gee, it ain't long now, either. Less than 2 months and we'll be down the Island...
  3. Biaggi asked too much $$$ and was shown the door. He's an a Ducati team from memory, not the factory one though.
  4. Am interested to see how the Trumpy 675 goes at PI with a few more weeks of development. By the end of the last test the 675 at the end of the third day was matching the pace that the other 600's set at the end of their first day. The thing is that the 675 was still largely in street-bike format, and it was McCoy's first outing on the bike.

    The Ducati's will be the new 1098R's, which are really 1199cc in capacity.
  5. What a comedown, huh? From class leading 500 GP rider to a street bike racer.

    How come they're called "1098", then?

    That's always got me how they number/name their bikes.

    I can't wait for something from the Japs to appear, then followed by a sports tourer version, with a bit of luck. VTR1200 would noice...
  6. Times on 3rd day:

    Times courtesy of MCNEWS.com.au

    1. Kagayama (JPN-Suzuki) 1'32â€1
    2. Bayliss (AUS-Ducati) 1'32â€2
    3. Fabrizio (ITA-Ducati) 1'32â€3
    4. Xaus (ESP-Ducati) 1'32â€3
    5. Nieto (ESP-Suzuki) 1'32â€3
    6. Haga (JPN-Yamaha) 1'32â€4
    7. Corser (AUS-Yamaha) 1'32â€7
    8. Biaggi (ITA-Ducati) 1'32â€8
    9. Laconi (FRA-Kawasaki) 1'33â€0
    10. Tamada (JPN-Kawasaki) 1'33â€4
    11. Neukirchner (GER-Suzuki) 1'35â€5

    1. Parkes (AUS-Yamaha) 1'34â€6
    2. Rea (GBR-Honda) 1'35â€0
    3. Pitt (AUS-Honda) 1'35â€0
    4. Foret (FRA-Yamaha) 1'35â€2
    5. Fujiwara (JPN-Kawasaki) 1'35â€6
    6. Walker (GBR-Kawasaki) 1'35â€7
    7. Brookes (AUS-Honda) 1'35â€7
    8. McCoy (AUS-Triumph) 1'35â€9
    9. Harms (DEN-Honda) 1'6â€4
  7. So the Trumpy isn't too far off the pace, especially if you discount Broc.

    Bayliss broke a collar bone at MG but is expected to be fit by the opening race.
  8. Still heavily under development. They only got 3 laps in on the 2nd day, so overall only had 2 days of testing.

    Garry has posted on his website that he's still learning to adapt to the differences in the power delivery of super-sports, which he hasn't raced on before, and the Triumph team have stated that it's clear that they're really only just starting to climb the racing development curve. For instance, they were able to get an additional 7hp out of the engine with mods over the last month as opposed to where they were with the street bike with privateer mods that they started with.

    The other bikes in the field have been developed extensively, and with much larger budgets.

    I personally don't expect the 675 to be winning races this year. Maybe get a few podiums towards year's end, but I reckon it'll be another season's worth of racing development before they're really competitive.