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N/A | National World Supers Feb 23rd

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by northerner, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Anybody going or thinking of going?

    Heard it's a great weekend - more relaxed atmosphere than MotoGP etc.

    Just thinking of an excuse for a road trip from Sydney...
  2. A few mates and I go every year, it's great fun and much more relaxed than MotoGP.

    You can ride your bike in the grounds and use it to get around to different parts of the track.
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  3. Yep, more of a bikefest.

    The bikes lapping the track are the unofficial side show(y)

    I go every year and camp at the track, although the trackside camping used to be just what you carried in on your bike, which was great!

    However, now they allow cars to go in a dump all their gear, which now creates grand 'Taj Mahal' campsites which f*ck it for all those camped behind them.
    I speak to blokes that have been camping there for years, and they too believe the campground is starting to be over run by wannabes with their hugh tents and farking generators.:mad:
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  4. They've also got Arenacross being held on the SX track up on Lukey Heights to check out as well.
  5. Sounds good - very tempted.
  6. 15th WSBK in a row for me this year.
  7. Was given leave to head down from sydney for the Island Classic.
    Not enough brownie points to be allowed a second trip.
    Will have to watch it on Foxtel instead.
  8. I'll be there working at the AMCN stand. Come by and say hi!
  9. 1st time at WSBK for my son and I . Looking forward to it. 2 days to go........
  10. come on Thursday the start of the week end
  11. Anyone coming down from NSW & ACT take note of this posted by the CFA on Facebook.

    A message from the Orbost ICC relating to Bonang Road North between Goongerah and Bonang - Access for Residents

    The closure on the Bonang Road between Bonang and Goongerah has been reduced to a level C closure from 5pm today. This enables residents to move between Bonanag and Goongerah freely with proof of residence shown to the police at the Traffic Management Points.

    Anyone entering the level C closure should note the following points from VicRoads:

    • Drive with extreme care
    • Don't loiter or deviate off Bonang Road, unless to access their property
    • There are burnt and missing guideposts and signs
    • Beware fallen trees and branches
    • Work crews are operating on the road between 8.00am and 5.00pm. Expect delays of up to 30 minutes.

    The Bonang Road south between Goongerah and Orbost remains closed as a category B closure however we are escorting local residents in and out twice a day for the next few days until the road closure is downgraded. Residents of Goongerah and surrounds should be outside the Orbost DEPI office tomrorrow at 9am or 3pm to be escorted into Goongerah. At 11am and 5pm they can meet at the Goongerah Community Hall to come back into Orbost. Proof of residency must be shown.

    There are reduced speed limits on the Princes Freeway around Moe & Morwell due to the recent fires as well as the first few kilometres of the Strzleki Hwy out of Morwell.

    Also don't forget that City Link now tolls bikes if you're coming through Melbourne itself.
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