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World Supers at the Island???

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by ball_bag001, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. just got back from the GP, my first time in years and now I wanna check out the World Superbikes down there next year. So where do I score tickets and is the Super's a better event to attend than the MotoGP?

  2. ball_bag001 - Go to the World Superbikes! I wouldn't say it's a better event than the MotoGP - simply because each event is brilliant in its own way - but I've been to 3 World Superbikes at the Island and each time I come away from there totally wowed by it all...racing/atmosphere.

    Plus you can ride your bike wherever you want to sit...as long as it's within the allocated areas of course. ;) :) You can even ride your bike up to the beer tent...order your beer and then ride off - much like a drive through. :)

  3. for me it's the Supers, nothing beats em..... not even the motoGP
  4. +1 on the Supers for me!! :grin:
    The MotoGP is awesome, the Supers are a completely different event!!
    Not as crowded as the GP, everyone there are really into the bikes and not just going to see Valentino... and you get to ride your bike around and not leave it in the parking lot km's from where you're sitting :cool:
  5. As the others have said, The supers are far better.

    The fact that you can ride around the spectator areas, pick a spot, park, watch the race, get bored of that spot, jump on your bike and move. No need to lug your stuff 1/2 way around the track.
  6. thanks for all the comments folks, this sounds like what I have heard from others!

    So where do I get tickets and can anyone tell me the name of the place that rents out all the houses down at PI? I;m definitely going
  7. No need to stress about tickets, just get them on the day.

    I'm not sure if it's ticketek or ticketmaster that sell them.

    I just get mine at the gate.

    As for accom, google is your friend
  8. This sounds awesome, I am totally there. :)
  9. Really want to go to the Supers, but they're scheduled on the same weekend as the Clipsal 500.
    Was even prepared to fork out $350 for a rack and bag for the 600rr, but I've just paid $800 for 4 grandstand seats at the Clipsal.

    [WSBK] Please change the date of the Super Bikes[/WSBK]
  10. As for accommodation - just google 'Phillip Island Accommodation'. Heaps of results...if you're going, best book accomm. now though. You don't always have to stay on the Island though - plenty of holiday houses for rent in outlying areas such as Cape Paterson, Inverloch etc. May be a cheaper option to staying on the Island....and just means an extra 20 minute ride to teh track every day....depending on the traffic of course.

    One place I would stay - if I didn't live near the Island! - is Glen Isla House. www.glenisla.com at Cowes.

    Seems to be the choice accommodation for many racing teams too...Gibernau and Capirossi stayed there for this yrs MotoGP....and the ever delicious Ben Bostrom stayed there during the World Superbikes.

    Mmm...Ben Bostrom....
  11. Supers all the way - love them!!!!

    Love the Island Classic too - even cheaper, usually in Jan each year, full access to pits etc etc.
  12. The supers are more fun and have a better atmosphere than the MotoGP. It's a different sort of crowd too, more motorcyclists and less general public and less of the hype.

    If you haven't been then I strongly recommend you go :)
  13. At the last Supers, I stayed at a mate's holiday house in Cowes. On the thursday night there were only 3 or 4 of us there. Friday, me and the mate ride out to the track. He has his wife's postie bike with a home made stainless top box with all our stuff in it. I'm on the barge.

    We had "Bar SBK" tickets, which give you access to roped off areas close to the track. Sort of a poor man's corporate hospitality tent. So, on the Friday, weather's perfect, absolutely perfect, we rock up to the track, do the usual expo thing, buy our souvenirs (hat, shirt, stubby holder) then proceed to leisurely make our way from Bar SBK beer tent to Bar SBK beer tent. Drinking light, of course.

    It was magnificent. We got to watch the Supers as well as the locals strut their stuff.

    There was no pressure. Just a relaxing and uncrowded day of motorsport, beer, women and good company.

    For me, Friday was the best day.

    Ball Bag, do yourself a favor and get on down, as they say, to the Island.
  14. For those that would like to book ahead, I received a flyer for the 2007 WSBK @ PI the dates are 2/3/4 March and the bookings are open now.
  15. +1

    Also Now that the supers is always in March the weather tends to be pretty darn good. Hope I haven't Jinxed it :shock:
  16. so do they set up grandstands as per the GP or is it standing room only + the Bar SBK tents etc?
  17. Yeah from memory they do but the grass is cheap and comfy. I know you're in the ACT but if you have a foldup chair you can sit pretty much where you like within reason!
  18. No Grandstands for the Supers. Only tickets are either the Bar SBK ones or general admission.

    Anyway, being able to bring the bike inside the track area, who needs a grandstand. Just ocky strap the fold out seat to the bike and park where you like to. It's heaven for those who don't like trudging long distances...