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world superbikes - round 1 viewing - sat 24-2 @ 7.30

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Bangr, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Howdy all

    Have secured a venue for the first round (maybe the rest of them and the GP races).

    The name of the venue is James Squire Brewhouse and Restaurant . The add is 439 docklands drive , waterfront city . mel ref , map 2E grid D-4

    Those that do thur night rides will know it . Colin the owner has said at this stage we can have the big screen, worse case if he gets a booking for dinner we will have a plasma. Volume may have to be low at the start because of dinners .

    See hpw it goes and will then talk to hime about doing the others , he is happy to saty open till 1.00am for the end of the last race . Think it could be a good spot.

    Pm me if you can so I can give him a rough idea of numbers.
  2. Hey that's awesome bren :dance:
    You had a typo though its the James Squire Brewhouse :-w
  3. Sorry Bren. We won't be there on that night as we will be Here instead.
  4. Hey Bren, maybe you should check that calendar on your phone :wink:
  5. bugger . guess i will be a tad busy that night - nob head i am.
  6. Bren, maybe you could get Deb and Dave Pay TV as an engagement gift so we can watch the race at the party. :grin:
  7. We have pay TV and although we don't really want everyone sitting inside watching the box all night, the race will be on ;) :)
  8. yep. i can walk there from home
  9. Sorry Bren. I won't be there on that night as I also will be Here instead....would of Loved to have come but thems the breaks !!:cool:
  10. No …NO that’s no good I had better take that back before some one reads it…no I don’t want to go im very happy as to where I will be!!!!!Hope I was fast enough or I may be in BIG trouble :shock: :LOL:
  11. OK . Just checked with the venue and all is ok , I will try and get there aerly to secure our spot with the big screen , I will be running of after race one to go to Deb and Daves , I will also be back for race 2 (all going well - eg Deb does not kill me when I get there).

    Looking foward to both events , will be a long night , may even go back to Debs after the 2nd race.

  12. Me be there… bikes on the big screen at a brewhouse sounds like my thing!!
  13. Yep, will be there. Anyone know what time it is on?
  14. Cant read can I. it sez 730 at the top. Its my first time with glasses on.
  15. was i good nite. i left after the second race but the others stayed. i think there was 8 of us there. it was just too bad that other events where on so not many people got down there. hopefully next time we can get way more....

    see ya at the next one
  16. Sorry I couldn't join all of ya's. :evil: BLOODY WORK :evil: Would have loved to have made it to this.
    Is anyone able to hook me up wif footage of the races.or Does it usually get on to the bit torrent sites??? :wink:
  17. Was a good night but yes just too many other things on at same time in the one place. Oh well next time the other manager Collin will be there so we will be able to have the volume up a wee bit more and have the floor to our selves.
  18. So...who was on the podium for race 2???
  19. They guy that came across the line 1st…. :facepalm: