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World Sidecar Championship round at 2007 Albert Park F1GP !!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by pvda, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. Yep, you read the title correctly it looks like this years Grand Prix meeting will be a 3+4 event according to a small report in Motorsport News and semi confirmed here http://www.superside.com/calendar.html the first round of the 2007 FIM Side Car Championship is to also be held at Albert Park :shock:

    The MN report suggests an FIM track inspection will be required and separate set of officials (in other words those at the top in Race Control not the foot soldiers trackside) but the issue of air fences could be interesting.

    Air Fences & cars don't mix in that a race car hitting an air fence will damage or destroy it so the air fence modules will need to be put in place for the side cars and then shifted once they finish. Now we move the corner apex tyre bundles whenever open wheelers are on track now but the air fences will be a different kettle of fish altogether to move.

    There is also the issue of FIM & FIA working together at the same event with possible different insurance although I believe the GP self insures and does not utilise the CAMS policy.

    Don't take the above comments as a negative as I'm quite looking forward to seeing the counter weights do their thing at the "Muddle at the Puddle" this year I just hope those in charge work through the logistics of it all.

    Terry O'Neil should be expecting a call from the Grand Prix Corp any day now looking to hire the Yamaha Air Fence he uses during Australian Superbike series and also places like Winton which also owns it's own air fence for bike events.

    Wonder if any of the locals have the correct level of MA/FIM licence to play with the big guys at this event.

    This means we will have two bike related GP events within weeks of each other in Melbourne in March.

    Bring it on I say.
  2. I can't see it happening.

    I spoke with Tim Shenken a few years ago about putting bikes around the track, he was not at all in favour of the idea.

    Then again, Mosley, Bernie, Whiting and co. tend to do some pretty crazy things ;)
  3. Sidecars

    The last time the guys came here to Oz there was drama with transport & costs were high. Lots of things would need to be done to get them here again. Also the GT sport car class were aproached to run here as well but declined. No Aussie V8's either!
  4. 2+4 meetings were a common occurence at Oran Park and also Sandown, as I remember, back in the 70s and 80s, but the politics of running a sidecar race at an F1 GP, as mouthwatering as the prospect is, would be daunting. That said, I wonder what the lap times would be like for a sidecar compared to the F1 vehicles???
  5. Given that the sidecar lap record at PI is only 1:42 I would say there would be a MASSIVE difference in lap times to F1 cars.
  6. I suspect as much as well, but back when Biland built the first of his super-sidecars it was actually quicker round many of the European tracks than most open wheel race cars; I was wondering if the gap has closed or widened; just idle curiosity, that's all......
  7. OK lets cut the cr@p if it does happen who do I have to sleep with/kill to get free tickets?
  8. Both those tracks have decent run off areas, Albert Park does not
  9. :worthlesspics: :cheeky:
  10. AP and tracks like Sandown and Bathurst aren't exactly bike friendly, particularly given the different standards of safety levels required these days compared to the 80s and earlier. I'd be very much surprised if the sidecars get a guernsey at the AGP.

    Why don't they run with the World Supers?
  11. Current lap record @ Phillip Island is now 1.39 by Steve Abbot from the UK in 2005 in Aussie Superbike series. I don't think I'd run at Albert Park due to the track being sorrounded by concrete walls with bugger all run off. It would be good to watch if they came out though. I'll have to scrounge a couple of tickets through work & have a look.
  12. Vic, Tim will do what he's told to do, besides I don't think Tim has any form of FIM or MA Officials Licence so he cant have anything to do with it, read from my original post.

    Don't apply normal bike run off distances to side cars as side cars don't tend to slide as far from my experience over the years (there are always exceptions though), the FIM wont allow it to happen unless it can be done safely.

    The concrete walls might run 1.5 metres beside the track but it's the head on hits are the problem not sliding or tank slaping along the wall.

    The guys who hold the lap record at PI were racing the latest & greatest outfit from Europe against the locals only and were never really pushed hard so me thinks they could've gone even faster with more competition. Mind you it certainly forced the local Sidecar contingent to lift their game lately.

    As I said in my OP I only hope the locals can play with the big boys. This could also be a chance for some of the overseas teams to bring over their older outfits and sell them to our guys to save having to take them back.
  13. .. a great tradition in many branches of motorsport over the years; speedway, Swann Series, Tasman Series, etc....
  14. Spot on Paul, Sprintcar racing has the American World of Outlaw Series at Parramatta each year these days and most of the US Teams bring and leave their previous seasons cars & equipment behind. It's going to be even easier once our local Sprintcars go to the same 410ci engines as the Yanks next season so the motors will be compatible with waht they run over there.

    Drag racing has been doing it for a long time and if only I was old enough for the golden era of the Tasman series in the late 60's but I do remember the days of full fields of F5000's over the top at Sandown in the mid/late 70's :)

    Mind you the gun chassis in Formula Ford, Spectrum, is made right here in Melbourne and sent to the UK & Europe for the series over there.
  15. Time has passed and there has been no more mention of it. As good an idea as it is, my first thoughts when I read the article were that surely its not April 1 already. The costs for bringing the sidecars out to Phillip Island with the superbikes wasn't helped when the race was washed out one year, so they basically came all that way for nothing. It would be interesting if they held a seperate meeting at Albert Park for bikes only with the barriers moved back a desirable distance. Being in the heart of Melbourne, it would surely pull a good crowd and attract the type of people who may not be motorsport fans, but attend because of the size and popularity of the event (such as the Formula 1 GP or even the Melbourne Cup or Australian Open Tennis). These are the people we need to get to motorcycling events. who knows, we might get some converts.
  16. Funny but I happened to check the www.superside.com website this morning wondering how it was going only to find this;

    No Sidecars in Melbourne/AUS
    Unfortunately the 1st round of the FIM Sidecar World Championship at the 18th of March in Melbourne/Australia will not get confirmed finally.

    After SUPERSIDE was contacted by “F1 Boss himselfâ€, Mr. Bernie Ecclestone, to join the Formula 1 Event at Melbourne and after preparing a good package for our sidecar-teams in terms for logistic, travelling and accommodation, the round has be cancelled from the calendar due safety reasons.
    According to the FIM it is impossible to homologate the circuit in Melbourne without massive changes in the safety layout. The time schedule of that racing weekend is too tight that there could room for changing the safety layout. And for just a exhibition race there is no financial support for the teams.

    But the discussion is on to do this again on a better occasion, i.e. where the circuit is more suitable for both, bike and cars. SUPERSIDE is making a lot of effort to attach two open rounds on good circuits. Both rounds will take place in West-Europe.... more to come

    I hear they will run at a DTM meeting at Brands Hatch instead later in the year.......

    I was looking forward to this but alas it didn't come to pass.