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World SBK Silverstone - Not a spoiler

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, May 28, 2006.

  1. Wow...

    If you get a chance to watch Race 1, do so. Another one of 28 laps of close, hard racing. Spills, thrills and lots of action.

  2. Thank God for Foxtel, Unbelievable! so much action!
  3. Especially Barros and the circus act...very impressive. I see a new career for Alex when he retires from bike racing.
  4. Most definately the most exciting race I have seen this season :grin:
    Even my 90 year old Grandmother couldn't bring herself to go to bed at her usual time and stayed up to watch it, all the while on the Aussies :LOL:
    I think I have finally converted her into watching motorsports ;)
  5. agreed, definetely the most exciting race this season. I was off my seat in the last few laps ;)
    What an amazing effort by Toseland.

    Go the Troys
  6. Barros leaping the fireball was amazing too, the look on his face when he watched the replay was priceless :LOL:
  7. Yup, I thought James did a pretty good job...without wanting to post the result.
  8. Baross' reflexes were amazing...
    I felt for the Ducati rider who was looking for the gap through which he could avoid hitting someone or something. He seriously slammed on the anchors...
  9. So what's the concensus on Toseland then? Cleo 'Most Eligible Bachelor' or something similar..

    A new take on going Squid, that's for sure.
  10. I was speechless (doesn't happen very often) and had to watch the replays over and over again....simply awesome! And everyone involved managed to restart the race....unbelievable. :shock:
  11. OK ya bastards, who's got this on tape?
  12. And who'll offer to host the Netrider SBK video night? :grin:
  13. As I said to Dave last, Toseland belongs in a boy band :LOL:
  14. Mmm, not tape. I've got Foxtel IQ which is a HDD device with no way to export, other than playing to a VHS tape.
  15. According to the interview at the end, he got his kit off for the UK Cosmopolitan....

    He could do the boy band bit, as long as he could play piano. Apparently he does do the singing bit as well and I think it was last year when he did a performance at the end of the weekend in (his) band...
  16. I have it on DVD