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World Population Maths

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. So we think the world population is around 6,000,000,000. Of that number;

    1. approx 1 billion are in China, a state with a communist government with a philosophy (still) for spreading the wonders of communism to the unenlightened world, and a terrible record for internal abuse.

    2. approx 1 billion are in India, a nation with a history of non-violence and no (apparent) expansionist tendencies.

    That accounts for one third of the world's population in just two nations. Then we have APART FROM those two nations;

    3. 2 billion people claimed to be followers of Islam, in all its forms, the peaceful and the 'convert by the sword' approach.

    That means that there are 2 billion people only in the 'non-china, non-india, non-islam' category.

    Quite how we in that serious minority expect the world to stay as it has been for all of our lives, and since, as an arbitrary marker, the end of the Second Wordl War in 1945, is beyond me. If you think Netrider ain't what it used to be, you won't recognise the world in 40 year's time, if indeed it lasts that long. And if it doesn't it won't be the mythical global warming that will signal its end, it will be the clash of these polarised segments of humanity.....

    {This post has been brought to you by an increasingly gloomy and pessimsitic hornet :cry:}
  2. Thanks Paul,
    Ignorance was bliss!
  3. Paul, you must be home? Go for a ride.
  4. when i am gloomy, i sing the "big red car song" from the wiggles :rofl:

    why worry about things that you cannot control?

    did you know wind can adversely effect your mood? particularly in males.....
  5. I think one important point is that even though the non-communist/non-islam/non-indian population are in the minority - they do still control a major proportion of the world's wealth (and therefore power). Of course with the boom of industry in regions such as China this is likely to change over the next few decades. I don't see it as a problem though, these sorts of changes happen all the time. Let's not forget that in the past much of the world came under the control of the Mongolian Empire.
    Edit: It seems to be the natural order of things that as a civilisation becomes more powerful and advanced it starts to take what it has for granted - and invariably ends up losing everything to those that want it more and are prepared to take it (through violent and/or non-violent means).
  6. is this kind of history repeating applicable to forums?
    ok, that was a cheap shot (with all the moaning going on in other threads)
    you see it in business every day, over-powered people, shops, companies grow to a substantial size and then their own self belief causes them to self destruct.
    i wanted to pin it on greed, but it isnt the case...its just human nature when it comes to power, more often than not it is abused and objectivity is out the window.
  7. who cares, I have a chocolate crossiant.
  8. Communism as an idea is very good. The one thing that makes it fall over is Human Nature. It is certainly nothing to be afraid of.

    Their record of abuse is mainly (AFAIK) against religions that have been banned in their country. We can disagree with it and make it clear to them that we think it's barbaric, but it's their country, and possibly part of their culture.

    You're right and there are people who refuse to admit that the world has changed. It's not for us to worry about them. Some things change fast, and others don't. IT changes very quickly. What is new now will be outdated in just 6 months time.

    In 40 years, our world could very well be dominated by Islam, or America, and the UN could be nothing more than a memory.

    Maybe we'll have WW3 before too long. Perhaps it has already started.

    It's not something to worry about. What will be will be, and we certainly can't do huge amounts to stop it. We can show more compassion and at least attempt to understand other cultures, no matter what we think of them. We can try to understand other religions, and the beliefs they hold to most fiercely. If everyone tried this, perhaps our world would be a better place. Like Communism, though, it will fail, because we are human.