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World photos

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by BitSar, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. #1 BitSar, Jul 8, 2014
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    Currently traveling with Wifey, getting some snaps.

    Add. Build. Compare.

    I'll start with Croatia.

    <edit> limit the number of pics per post. Use URL links instead if necessary


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  2. Clearly something went wrong there. Mods, please clean up as required. I'm in dodgey WiFi areas.
  3. What camera are you using, bits?

    Safe travels...
  4. Thanks lazy. Been way too long, haven't seen you in ages.

    Nothing fancy RE: camera.
    Nikon coolpix S9700.
  5. Good stuff, Bits! :)

    Here's my contribution... The view from the dunny in the place the Mrs and I stayed in when we went to Florence, in Italy.

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  6. Now that's a throne room shot!
  7. Yep! Sure is! I was even sitting on the bog so I could honestly say that it was the view from the dunny! (y)
  8. Ill be over in barca in a bit over a week. Will be adding my own shots to this thread soon.
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  9. Great stuff Smilee. I'm still travelling and no doubt will get some more up.
  10. pics of wife?

    lol just kidding i really like the pictures thus far, i have some good ones from when i went to thailand, will post if i cbf later.
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  12. Again, this looks like tapa didn't work all that well. Intermittent service. Meh.
  13. Couple of point and shoots from Thailand last week.
    Phang Nga

    Wat Chalong

    Koh Panyee
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  14. Nice stuff Titus.
  15. Bits, on the strength of that first shot alone I've told the missus that Croatia is now on the bucket list :)
  16. Nice one. You won't be disappointed. Such a beautiful country, lovely people, stunning architecture and natural sights.

    It was impossible to have a bad meal, Croatian beer is tasty.

    The women are hot too.

    In the Greek islands now, not as much of a photographic playground thus far.
  17. A lot of Game of Thrones series has been shot in Croatia as well...

    Just sayin'

    But I've heard, it's an awesome place to visit. One day...
  18. Can't resist digging up these old ones ;)




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  19. Nice stuff. Got some good snaps in Mykonos today.

    By the looks of your shots that is Santorini? We're off there tomorrow.

    Game on.
  20. Yes, you'll recognise it all when you get there no doubt. We liked the little island of Thirasia because of it's quietness. That was in 2002.