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World Government: The true agenda behind the Copenhagen summit?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by wentworthmeister, Nov 18, 2009.

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    Here is a link to a radio interview with Lord Monckton by Alan Jones for 2GB, posted on 30th October 2009. Lord Monckton claims to have read a draft copy of an international treaty to be put to the heads of state attending the conference next month, and what he has to say is alarming indeed. He states that the treaty will effectively bind signatory nations to a deal where wealth is redistributed from developed to developing nations, and where the overseeing committee (government) will have power above that of a nation's constitution. Anyway, listen to it and decide for yourselves.

    Part 1: [media=youtube]CNNRfiwiZ2A[/media]
    Part 2: [media=youtube]E_v-iEN0caM[/media]
    Link to Lord Monckton's speech in Minnesota (90mins): [media=youtube]stij8sUybx0[/media]

    Climate change opinions aside, this finding needs big publicity and it needs it now. If this is even slightly true, its pretty obvious that climate change is simply being used as a front by the people who would use it to their own ends. At the very least, we need answers from our government in response to these allegations.
  2. http://www.thestandard.org.nz/climate-change-looney-tunes-from-lord-monckton/

  3. I've seen zeitgeist. Very interesting indeed.
    Thanks for the link DD, there's always two sides to the coin. I guess we'll find out in a few weeks if Munckton was right or not aye!

    From what i've been reading in the papers it seems like the consensus is that no legally binding deal will be signed. Governments are quietly backing down on the expected outcome, or something like that.

    Edit: After reading up on Monckton, it seems i may have reacted too quickly. Some say he's not the credible source he claims to be. Others back him all the way. As always, two sides of the argument. I still believe this needs some attention, even if to dismiss the claims by going public with the actual details of any proposed treaty.
  4. Pro Pilot? Is that you?!
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    Negative, i haven't seen him in a while...
  6. He knew too much...
  7. No,I've been reliably informed that he now resides in a North Texas anti-govt enclave, where they shoot thier own food (and federal agents) and plan for the day the Blue Beret strike teams (UN) invade the USA and they are proven right.
    Of course this information was passed to me in a small pub by ASIO (or so he claimed) so it may be suspicious in origin.

    Hang on there is a knock on my door........if I don't post again...........
  8. Phew it was only a Scientologist! :-s
  9. Posts of the week (y) :LOL:
  10. Lol, this wasn't the direction i had in mind for the thread, but whatever. Good for a laugh :LOL:
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    been watching a bit of that zeitgeist - in particular the [URL="
    ]greatest story ever sold[/URL].

    Interesting stuff.
  12. There's no doubt that at some time in the future there WILL be one world Government, and eveybody's worst fears of what that might mean WILL be realised......
  13. Or we may skip that and go to the United Federation of Planets....

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  14. The only international agreements that are ever binding in practice, are those made at gunpoint.
  15. u know as much as you lot have a dig at pro pilot for his views, you forget that he did mysteriously disappear and was probably kidnapped by aliens and/or the government. You need to ask questions!

    Lets go picket parlaiment house with "What did pro pilot know" signs! I'm sure we'll get answers that way... we just want answers! The government can't keep us all quiet!
  16. The truth IS out there...

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  17. If PP was disappeared for his claims, can the government (or the aliens, I'm not fussy) please come and disappear Wilson Tuckey.
  18. The last known photo of pro pilot:


    Turns out he bought some cheap, low quality tin foil. Never skimp out on the mother****ing tin foil, people!!