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World Ducati Week 2007

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vagrant, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Fellow riders be warned, today is the last day to purchase your tickets to WORLD DUCATI WEEK 2007


    oh nose!!!! :shock: :p :LOL: :LOL:

    Officials have warned all barristas in all major australian cities that latte consumption will hit annual highs, and to be on the lookout for overdoses of equal parts caffeine and warm milk.


    Sorry, couldnt resist. :grin:

  2. You just gave me a brilliant idea.

    My wife & I are about to open a coffee shop/cafe.

    Our point of difference is that we will be focussing on good quality coffee, not the crap that Starbucks, etc sell.

    The franchise model has all cafes in this chain following the same Italian theme. Therefore, all stores will have a plasma tv showing landscapes of the mediterrainan and pictures on the wall will also have the same.

    I need to buy a replica race 999/1098 and have it inside or out the front of the store. Sit it next to the Monster I can get in April and watch the latte drinkers come flooding in.
  3. wheres the shop?
  4. Drinks night venue perhaps?? :shock:
  5. The shop will be in Balwyn.
  6. wow. Still no PM, and no direction as to where I should be placing my complaint. Nice power abuse mod (whoever you are). :p
  7. Grow up!!!!!!!