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World Cup Tipping - Help Required

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by egiste, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Well Im officially Australia’s number one soccer fan, having now watched almost one full game of soccer in my life and nearly always recognising the Australian team by sight (not individually and only when they are in the team bus).

    As you can imagine it has come as a complete surprise to find that I am second in the world cup tipping comp at work, a competition that I have now decided to win and am willing to share the beer (aka the prize) with whoever helps !!

    However I need some help, I fear that the guessing game may not continue to work, I need people that actually know about the teams to give advice that may actually help.

    Here are this week matches, please post who is going to win:

    Spain V's Ukraine
    Tunisia V's Saudi Arabia
    Germany V's Poland

    Ecuador V's Costa Rica
    England V's Trinidad and Tobago
    Sweden V's Paraguay

    Argentina V's Serbia and Montenegro
    Netherlands V's vory Coast
    Mexico V's Angola

  2. Spain over the Ukraine
    Saudis over Tunisia
    Germany over Poland (That'll be interseting...)

    Ecuador over Costa Rica
    England over T&T
    Paraguay over Sweden

    Argies over S&M (He He He)
    Dutch over Ivory Coast
    Mexico over Angola

    That's what I think anyway
  3. have to agree with Pete.

    The Germany Vs Poland match could be a close thing though.