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World Cup - Socceroos vs. Brazil

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by slyfox, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. i'll be the guy waving a socceroos flag near the big screen if you want to meet me in the flesh :wink:

    who else is going, or perhaps the real question is who isn't going?

    imagine if you missed the socceroos drawing against the world's best soccer team? who knows how well we'll do, if ghana can beat the czech republic 2 - 0 it proves anything is possible.

  2. what times it start?
  3. I'll probably be down there hopefully in time to see the end of the first game but it depends on what time my mate (And my lift :LOL: ) finishes work.

    I'll keep an eye out for a guy with a soceroos flag near the TV :roll: :p
  4. Re: [Melb] See you at Fed Square! [Socceroos vs. Brazil.]

    Along with the 2000 other people waving a socceroos flag at fed square :cool:

    Yer, anything is possible, we beat Brasil 1-0 the last time we played them at the Confederations cup. Imagine if we did it again this time, fark I think Australia would go wild.

  5. um ill be doing the sleeping thing and watching it on the news
    :LOL: :LOL:
    not a big soccer fan but hey....go socceroos :grin:
  6. bahhhhh on my way to a mates house warming my throttle cable snapped :roll: so after pushing my bike to brighton kawasaki (lots of fun wearing winter gear and thermals) i'm not not heading to fed square as my transport option is off the road. so i'm off to a pub instead :)

    my girlfriend just called me from munich and described the crazy scenes around her. biatch. :evil:
  7. I'll be watching it from the warmth and comfort of my bed :wink:

    Going to watch the MotoGP, then the World Cup match then go to work :eek: lots of red bulls for me tomorrow :LOL:
  8. how many red bulls will you take in the morning?

    I've only taken red bulls with vodka - Made my heart feel funny :cry:
  9. :LOL: It does the same thing to me, last time i had too many red bulls i was laying in bed and it felt like my heart was beating outta my chest :(

    And i'm not going to this anymore, i stepped outside before and froze :LOL:
  10. I'm with you troy... What ever the out come it will be on morning news, midday news, evening news & every other news break in between, so wont miss much.
  11. I'll probably end up having about 6 bottles of red bull to get me through work 2moz... had heaps more than that before, but I had the extremely fast beating heart too so decided to slow down on them a bit :eek:

    Go Socceroos... :cool:
  12. WC Au Vs Brazil

    Well 1 Goal down 9 mins into the seconf half...
    Now we see what the Socoroos are made of
  13. Oooh harry missed a nice oppurtunity
  14. Damn good match.

    If the Aussies can just settle down and get on with things, they've got the ability to even things up.

    They're not playing like the no 42 team in the world, and Brazil isn't playing like the world no 1.
  15. Yeah Lack of Patience
  16. Shame Kewell missed that one, but they're being nice and aggressive.
  17. And he missed another one! Aargh!
  18. i decided it was a good idea to start drinking at 2 in the morning when i start work at 8 :roll:
  19. Nearly a aussie goal :(