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World Cup Semi-Final Aus V NZ

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mik84, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Anyone else stayin up watchin the cricket even though it gonna make tomorrow a LONG day? :p

    We're tearin em apart at the moment. Got em down 3/27 off 9 overs!

    Edit: When i say watching, i dont have pay tv im just "watching" the online commentary!

  2. fcuk me... We took two wickets in the time it took me to write that! Make that 5/27
  3. Nah, I just watched the first 4 episodes of Get Smart :grin:

    Now i'm off to do a few wheel stands around Estoril
  4. I thought they are playing South Africa ?

    I'm off to bed !
    its 7/90 or something, Sth Africa are collapsing !
  5. Deed done, bring on Sri Lanka!!!!!!
  6. We tore em a new one :LOL:
  7. Memo for world cup 2010:
    - Let Australia A into the pool to give the Aussies some competition. Its getting embarassing.
    -Australia must bat with inverted batting order(tail first)
    -Australian bowlers must bowl with opposite arms (eg. Shaun Tait Left arm medium)
    -Australia will compete under the new 20/50 criteria. Australia only gets 20 overs, opposition the full 50.