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world cup: gambling

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by slyfox, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. a friend of mine is a bit of a gambing connoisseur, which rubs off on me so i just dumped $1000 on argentina because we deemed them a 'sure thing' hmmm after a very stressful 90 minutes i now know three things

    *there are no push over teams in the world cup.. afterall they made it to the world cup
    *90 minutes can feel like an extremly long time
    *betting two weeks of my wages makes a football games with two teams i couldn't care less about bloody enthralling :p

    for those who missed it argentina was very lucky to get away with a win, the ivory coast gave them more than a run for their money, scared me shitless! :eek:hno:

    ended up making $500 for my $1000 gamble, i would have won $1000 but the damn ivory coast got a goal in the last 10 minutes which made things.. interesting, as i counted down the clock second by second.

    will i be crazy and go back for more later in the tournament.. time will tell :grin:

    any other gambling men/women here?
  2. Yes please do come, as a TAB Operator I will be more then happy to accept your bet :)
  3. I used to gamble a bit until i started losing all the time and had no money left to gamble :(
    Now i don't do much more than chuck a few dollars on roulette if i'm passing through crown.

    Good stuff with the win though. Now what can you blow $500 on :LOL:
  4. You could put it on the Socceroos :LOL:
  5. i'm a gambling addict, you name the sport, i've dumped money on it. Horses, football, f1, politics and so on...

    My horse racing betting is quite limited these days due to strict criteria that must be passed (e.g. form guide, number of horses) etc.. before I bet.

    However, with soccer, I bet with my heart :( I got $200 on Portugal to win the World Cup. Its a pretty wild bet but they are my tip/favourite.

    ALso, not too sure how you could deem Argentina a sure bet against Ivory Coast, they are afterall in the group of death. Nice bet though, Drogba definately played well in the last quarter as did Ivory Coast.
  6. pffft, TAB odds suck, i'm going through a setup in macau, china :shock: :grin:

    bike stuffff of course! :grin:

    ...i'm thinking about dumping some big money on brazil when they play australia. hmmm. :eek:hno:
  7. Making you a grand total of .5% of what you bet. No betting company is going to pay better odds than say 1.05 for Brasil to beat Australia.

    I use Betfair personally for the races, always provides the best odds compared to centrebet, tab, iasport etc etc

    I use centrebet/sportodds for soccer, usually just go for multipicks.

  8. I'm through betfair.com & I think they're the best..... who you running with in Macau?
  9. no idea actually! my friend is chinese and is friends with a bookmaker over there so he finds out the odds and we go from there.
  10. Two weeks wages bet on the outcome of a football match??? :shock:

    I'm just trying to think of all the yummy ways I could spend that money without risking it


    Better boots

    Flowers for Mrs Hornet

  11. You've got $500 andrew blow it on something exciting.
    What about 500 attempts at the stupid prize game at northland (You can win me the Robocop toy i've been wanting :LOL:)
  12. I have a huge $5 on Germany to win at home. I used to work in a TAB. I love the horses but dont bet that much anymore. i am not a big gambler anyway. My boyfriend has a bet on Germany/Brazil to make cup final
  13. make that $700, i had $200 on australia :wink: \:D/ but i'm still not going to try to win you a robocop doll! :p

    i reckon that was the the best thing in aussie sport i've ever seen, fairytale result to what was almost a disaster.
  14. I personally play the pokie machines. Biggest win that I evr had was just over $5500. :grin:

    Please don't ask where the money has gone, the accountant (ie Me) can guarantee where about $2500 went, the other $3000 well let's just say the the machines took it back :evil:

    Although that would be entirely my fault, stupid stupid me.

    Occassionly I also bet on the State of Origin ( Go Qld) and the Melbourne Cup but I haven't had any luck with either lately. :mad:

    Just my two cents worth.
  15. want my advice??? no didnt think so but anyway, put the $1000 back in the bank, take the $500 and the $200 go spend it on something usefull.... like ME lol.

    only sure thing in gambling is you WILL loose.
  16. Now i am not a gambling man at the best of times.
    But Seeing how Argentina has been playing...

    Are you Nuts???
    They are an O.K. team but they are not playing particularly well at the moment.
  17. pokies are evil dude you can't get worse odds in gambling than them, you should put your money into something where the odds aren't so stacked against you, $5500 is a bloody good win though.

    sure but it's great fun right now while i'm ahead :grin:

    maybe, it's all relative to my success i think. if i lose i'm a nut (and a loser) if i win i'm a champion (in my own mind anyway..) :wink:

    i had $200 at 2:1 odds on italy as well so the good luck run continues...but for how long :p

    germany vs. poland is tempting me, if i could get good odds on germany i'll consider having another dabble.
  18. Get drunk and play poker
    Bet 20 bucks on the worst hand you have ever seen = Good fun

    Hmmm - I think betting on sport might be an idea. Might make sport more enjoyable eh.

    Obviously wouldnt bet 1k though.
  19. damn france, cost me 50 bucks in a multipick, useless!
  20. no-one's EVER ahead gambling. taken from the first bet till the most recent, everyone is behind, even the occasional winnners.....