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Workshop record keeping software

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by arc, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Yes, Excel is wonderful, as is Word, but what software do you personally recommend (ie. you use) for keeping track of your own maintenance viz oil, filters etc? Simple, easy to use and without bloatware.

  2. the bikes odometer... the log book... and a mental note...

    Note to self: bike serviced at 12,000km interim oil change at 18,000 next service at 24,000. Job done.
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  3. I have been keeping a log book regarding every service, mod, tyres, chain/sprockets, carb adjustments, anything l do to my vehicles.
    I just use a 10 cent book, to record all things about my cars and bikes.

    I have found it a great way of referring back to things such as carby adjustments, suspension set ups, or anything that might or might not be working.

    Only thing l dont record is fuel consumption.

    On occassions l have made a pictorial diary, for things such as valve checks/adjustments. Fork servicing. Carby stripping. Which is great to refer back too next time.

    I believe it is a great way to learn your bike and would recommend it to noobs.
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  4. If you are really keen to keep maintenance records of you vehicle/s then I can highly recommend the Ron Turley and Associates Fleet Management System - http://www.rtafleet.com/
  5. Icloud calendar, can access it from any device, copy and paste notes and info and it's a permanent record with reminders all set. That's all I use for all vehicles.
  6. I've been thinking of using Evernote to track servicing with my new bike. It's an online note-taking app with desktop software and iOS/Android apps available. Importantly it allows you to add photos to your notes, e.g. pictures of receipts or for reference if you're disassembling something tricky. It also allows you to set reminders, e.g. when the next service is due.
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  7. The words "Excel", "Word" and "wonderful" do not belong in the same sentence :p

    What would you want it to do and how much would you be prepared to pay for it?
    I could knock up a standalone exe (written in C++ ie not .NET crap) in a few days if the price was right :)
  8. Cloud based Spreadsheet. I use google docs. You can record the way you like it, access any time from anywhere, never worry about loosing it.
  9. +1 For evernote....

    Keeps things very organised.
    You can use lists and tabulated data
    Insert photos.
    Update notes on desktop, online, on phone or tablet and push synchronise to all others.

    Not fancy - just a simple note taking app which works very well.

    You can also share the note with others and give them "edit" rights for collaboration.

    And.......it's free :D
  10. I've come across a similar problem! I've been casually working on a small maintenance website which is suppose to deal with this problem. Its no where near ready at the moment but its good to see people might be interested in using such a website.