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workshop recommendation??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by feriant, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. looking for good workshop with reasonable service fee somewhere around city or suburbs close to city..

  2. sent you a PM , will talk too you about some in our area .
  3. Why not share it with the others?
    More people may benefit.
  4. Yep, post it Glen, I'd like more options to look at too. I use Peter Stevens in Melbourne and have had no problems but would like to see who else is out there that do good work.
  5. GSX14 located in Cranbourne but works after hours
    free tea, coffee or milo & if you time it right you'll prolly get dinner I seem to feed most netriders these days! pmsl!
  6. Next week my ZZR is due for its 12,000 km service. I'm gonna give local Slipstream Motorcycles in Sunbury a go.

    They've already quoted me $100 less than Peter Stevens.

    I'll report the result after the service, not that SUNBURY is very convenient for most of you.
  7. I had a bad experience with Peter Stevens in Melbourne (the Queensberry St one, not the dealership in Elizabeth Street), so since then I have taken my bike to Ray Quincey (cnr. Elizabeth St and A'Beckett St) and have been absolutely blown away by Dean, the mechanic there. Not only do they charge about 1/3 of what PS charged me, but they do a far better job! (They also don't treat you like you're stupid if you're female - scores big points with me! :D ) I would recommend him to anyone.

    By the way, would anybody happen to know what happened to the mechanic from Parts & Pieces in Princes Highway (I think Clayton was the suburb) after they closed down earlier last year? I think his name was Ross. He was excellent too - did a fantastic rebuild on my old XL250 and was great to deal with!
  8. it was Clayton ...
    and yeah, have been wondering the same.....(didn't know his name tho)
  9. I will no longer use Action Motorcycle as they are a shonky mob, Mick Hone mechanics a pretty good but are in Ringwood. I would also like to find a decent mechanic in the CBD. I gave up and used to do my own services but I don't have the time these days, rather be riding than stuffing around with things
  10. I know a guy up in ferntree gully who's a bit pricey but will do the best job. "RMR performance" i think it was.

  11. Box Hill Actually. Canterbury Road
  12. PTR if you have a chunky wallet that needs slimming.

    Guys there are amazing
  13. Yep, Ross at RMR is one of the best mechanics around town from the recommendations I've heard. He's done all the work I needed on my bike so far and he's a fantastic guy to deal with.

    Unfortunately, he was involved in a serious accident 3 months ago (knocked off his Busa near home) and will not be working for probably at least another year, if ever again, as a mechanic from what I've been hearing :(
  14. TrenShadow - thats terrible, I didnt know! Do you know how it happened... or how is he now?

    i liked that black busa...
  15. For those in the western subs i can recommend Professional Motorcycle Tuning (Rodd rd, Airport West). Daryl runs his own show and always has a workshop full of bikes (which says something about the quality of his work). He usually takes a couple of days to get a job done though being so busy all the time. He now has a dyno as well for those interested.
  16. REPORT

    The total major 12,000 service came in at $263. Peter Stevens had quoted $350. Did a fine job, as best as I can figure, and was really informative and thorough with his explanations. Best of all, didn't treat me like a dumbass chick, like so many try to.

    The guy's name is Shane and he's not to shabby on the eye either ;) gals, take note :p Phone number is 9740 3100.

    The biggest bummer is, I just ran up 3000km in 6 days on our Sydney trip, and now I'm gonna need to go back for the next service sooner than planned. BUGGER, NOT! :p :p :p
  17. I don't have many details. He was riding along Burwood Hwy in FTGully at legal speeds. Somewhere near the Holden dealer from what I can gather, a car must have either changed lanes or come out a side street and hit him. Airlifted to the Alfred in critical condition. Initial reports I heard were a few cracked vertebrae, broken ribs, etc, etc.

    It was probably 3 months ago now and from what I've heard he only woke up a couple of weeks ago - how much of that sleep was induced I don't know. He's been moved from the trauma ward to the amnesia ward - his memory seems pretty shot.

    If I hear more details I'll let you know.