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Workshop or Service manuel ??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by KidVegas, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    i want to get a Workshop Manual for my cbr250rr , but ive been looking on the web all day and all i ve across is the service Manual , are they the same thing?

    i just wanna do some minor stuff like change the plugs and oil filter,


  2. The service manual will probably do, workshop manuals cover extensive removal and breakdown of all components.

    Most bikes are similar in regards to servicing, just fluid quantities differ (oil volume is often stamped on the crankcase).

    Spark plugs are a simple case of unscrewing the old, putting the new ones in.

    To change the oil filter, warm the bike up for a few of minutes, wait another few for most of the oil to fall back down, and unscrew the sump drain plug (oil could be hot). You can then remove the filter by a filter wrench (or put a screwdriver through it and turn that).

    Wait ten minutes or so for all of the oil to drain out. Put the sump plug back on (best to use a new copper crush washer, but not entirely necessary), screw on the new filter and fill the engine with fresh oil. Don't overfill it.
  3. start first with "Road Users Handbook", and the rest will follow in time
    :rofl: :blackeye:
  4. huh? service manual and workshop manual is the same thing just called different names by different people

    the only other manual is the owners manual which often doesnt have much info

    op as mentiond, you dont really need a manual to change oil and plugs

    spark plugs yes are easy unscrew and out the new ones, the prob with the CBR is that they are a bit of a biatch to do and you really need the right spark plug spanner to do it which is in the bike tool kit , if your bike has it

    Last i changed oil on a CBR was a while back but IIRC they have a drop inc catridge rather than a spin on car type filter , make sure you dont loose the spring and washers when you take it out

    best bet would be to browe the cbr250 forum, i am sure all these items would be covered on there
  5. sweet thanks

    yeah the plugs look dam hard to get to , might move the radiator and do a bit of knuckle scraping. But what is this "tool" ??? and wear can i get it?

    supernego shouldn't you be sipping on lattes in Darlinghurst. :LOL:
  6. for those who think i'm rude, i have KidVegas typing on the room next to me..

    I think so too, service and workshop is the same.

    so KidVegas, the service manual i gave you should do the trick,ok? :p
    now it won't teach you how to use the spanner or how not to brake the screw half way in the fuel tank body, but it will help you change a spark plug.!!! :busting:
  7. I've got a CBR250RR arr arr arrrrrr service manual in PDF, it might not be the same year though and the quality's not great so the pics aren't much chop.

    if you've got a gmail account, pm me the email address and I'll send it to you. If not, your email provider will probably crack the shits with a file that big.
  8. Workshop is the way to go, don't really see how "servicing" Manuel will fix your bike :p :LOL:.
  9. as i mentioned previously the correct spark plug tool comes in the bikes tool kit , if you dont have the bikes tool kit then the correct tool is available as a spare part from honda
  10. tata taaaaa tata taaa

    cbr workshop and service manual

    service manual
    and workshop manual covering all cbrrs
    as well as parts lists

    its the most used page on the whole site and its only got 4 files