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Workshop Manuals - which brand is best?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by V4bloke, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    Am after some opinions on 2 brands of aftermarket workshop manuals for my bike ('86 VFR750)
    Haynes and Clymer.

    I'm after the one that goes into a little more detail, as I'm not all that mechanically minded, so the one that least expects you to be a mechanic to follow what its explaining :oops:

    The Haynes one seems to be readily available, but Clymer needs to be ordered in, has more pages and is more expensive.

    Would appreciate comments from peoples experiences with both makes :)
  2. Unfortunately there isn't one for my model :(
  3. I prefer Haynes over Clymer, they seem to have a lot more photos, more extensive decriptions of procedures, as well as more miscellaneous tables, etc.
  4. +1 , the clymer isnt that great imho

    of course the factory one is the best but the haynes tends to give other hints

    the factory one of course expects a level of skill so lacks some things

    both the factory and haynes used together is a good thing
  5. Thanks for the info poeple :) Ordered my Haynes manual today.

    ibast: checked out the site but they are all for the 90-97 models - no earlier ones unfortunately.
  6. if you havent already ask this q on the VFR forums

  7. Thanks Johnnie5! Wasn't even aware of that site :)