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Workshop Mannual

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by little_miss_cowgirl, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. Hi have been trying to chase up a mannual for my bike with no luck Its a Kawasaki LTD 250 1985 - low production. Tried Pitstop Books and their international links plus general search in Kawasaki and 2nd hand books.Any more ideas or book suppliers that may be of help?
    Cheers twid..

  2. online book stores in aus and overseas? ebay?
    i had trouble finding a manual for my old european car but i ended up finding one on ebay in the UK.
    hope that helps :)
  3. Do a search on this forum.There are several sites linked for manuals,some good,some crap,most want $ but some are free.Trial and error.I paid 60 bucks for an old photocopied XJ900 Yamaha genuine workshop manual years ago and thought it was a bargain back then as the shop in Burke rd wanted 120$ and yamaha and then some.That was before the days of PDF files and downloads :grin:

    Maybe try

    Sometimes when models are released in different countries, they have different cosmetics, but all the drive train and mechanicals are the same.But the manual may be listed under something else.I remember the old Kawasaki LTD though.Did my L plates on one at Kilsyth Vicroads.That and CB2fiddies were there test bikes.Loved it :grin:
  4. Thanx for replies grateful to find a few more avenues to try - gather it may just take a bit of time
    Cheers twid
    Nice to hear from someone who has riden a LTD - not exactly a well known bike.
  5. There is a huge list of online manuals in a thread somewhere. I know how hard it can be to find one for a low production motorcycle.

    I searched for a long time for a 250Zeal manual. In the end I found out there is no English workshop manual for it.
  6. Thanks so much am still pretty new to this site. Found a couple of good sites www.motorosok.hu/szervizkonyvek and www.repairmannualclub.com but couldnt work out how to register on them :? - know its not technical but how do u do that, seemed to miss that step and needed to have my login details to go any further. Am a bit of a novice in the world of computers. Will put my request on that site anyway as it may help. Thanks again Cheers twid
  7. You may need to accept a manual for a Z250C which is the same basic bike except for handlebar, seat and front disc.

    No biggy really.