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Workshop charges?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Brick, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. I put my bike into a local dealer for some service work recently. The hourly workshop rate was $165 an hour!! No flowers or chocolates afterwards either....

    Can Darwin lay claim to having the most expensive motorcycle workshop in Australia?
  2. well if they are really good and thorough maybe its worth it? Some great mechanics do charge more because they are nothing short of masters and it takes them alot less time to do the work so based on the information currently at hand i look at it like this;

    great thorough mechanic 1 hour @ 165ph = great job completed without doubt

    dodgy mechanic 4 hours @ 60ph = more expensive job and not necessarily done better

    You may have been screwed but if works been done very well and attention has been payed to other items that needed doing its worth every cent.

    If you have a great mechanic, enjoy the fact your bike is been looked after well. :)
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  3. That's outrageous. Must be the only bike shop in a thousand K radius.
    Usually between $85 and $125 per hour
  4. Maybe the need to pay more to get mechanics up there.
  5. The mechanics are all supposed to have some sort of factory training, but don't seem to be any more specialized then any other brand/dealer. Just simply seems to be owners of a premium brand can pay premium prices.
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  6. Wow! The Porsche garage I get my car serviced at only charges $99p/h and they are extremely well trained.
  7. Thats Insane, we are a motorcycle workshop in sydney, our rates are $90 p/h. Did you ask for a quote before you booked your bike in?
  8. Mobile guy I get out here charges $80 an hour with no callout fee. He tried to under charge me last time and I said "your kidding" and gave him more.
  9. and Cue the mods chiming in about a business not registering as a vendor.
  10. I had some work done quoted as 2-3 hours that resulted in almost 7 1/2 hours at $165 an hour. Naturally "not happy Jan", long story, eventually we came to an "understanding" that cost me a grand.

    This dealership thinks its a reasonable price. As new bike owner I don't have any other options for a "factory" service. I'm just curious if this is just another case of big fish, little pond, or the norm elsewhere?
  11. So it's a newish BMW that has already required 7.5 hours of work done as part of a service?

    At least these are the conclusions i've drawn from what you've written. Is this 'elective surgery' or something different?
  12. Wow, i'd be pissed. Still double what your initial expectations were even with a little 'understanding'.
    You should have got a phone call at the very least at the 3 hour mark with an update. Basic customer service skills.

    So it's a newish BMW that has already required 7.5 hours of work done as part of a service?

    Be interested to hear your answer to Viscera's query above.
  13. It's Darwin. - Everything costs more there.
  14. Not going to happen, He didn't advertise where he is etc.
    Just what he charges compared to what the OP paid on the other side of the country.
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  15. Old one being replaced with a new one, from another dealer. Surprised?
  16. hmmm is bmw a "premium brand? ;-)