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Workplace Ride Mates?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Doggy, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. I'll start. Anybody have any sort "ride culture" at work? At the Fire Station we have a:
    2 x Harleys,
    1 x GPX250
    1 x XT250
    1 x Shadow
    1 x GS500

    Pretty good I reckon out of 16 odd blokes. Must like living life on the edge :p

    Ps I've now had the GS for a month and already I want something bigger. Maybe a Firestorm? :facepalm:
  2. Geez, that's not a fire station, that's a motorcycle club!!!!!
    So, what's the age spread and what age owns what bike?
  3. we've got (in order of engine size):

    - GSXR 1000
    - VTR 250 (mine :D )
    - CB250
  4. ok well my guess is as follows:

    2 x Harleys = 38-45yo

    1 x GPX250 = 18-22yo

    1 x XT250 = 18-22yo

    1 x Shadow = 30-35yo

    1 x GS500 = 25-30yo
  5. I work at the telstra dome and (out of all their staff!) I know of only one other person who rides to work there!!!
  6. in my work section there is only one person who rides and that is me, out of a total of 11 people.
    A couple of the others have persons in their immediate family who ride though.
  7. Only 3 that ride to work regully.


    also a couple of weekend worriers

    one with a manx norton and a norton twin (not sure which)
    and another with a gsx-r1100

    We also get a couple of casual workers that ride occasionally.


    Not much of a culture but, because we all live so far away from each other
  8. BING spot on (thats me) :LOL:

    Good guesses though:
    Mid life crisis for the Harleys hehehe
    Learners for the twofiddys
    sedate daily riders for the others

    This could develop into a great game show hmmmm...now thats an idea!!
  9. We have had the GS, the two Hardleys and the Shadow out on the open road together. Never a more mixed bag :D
  10. We have a Triumph 955i 20-25 y/o
    Honda Hornet 600 (mine!) 20-25 y/o
    Yamaha PW50 5-8 y/o........(just jokes) :LOL: :roll:
  11. Just me here :(
  12. SV650S - me
  13. Just me. Academics aren't generally known for their spirit of adventure.
  14. CBR1000F
    My Trumpy S3
    CBR600RR (due next week, we talked him into it)
    (That's 3 out of 3 in my department). :)
  15. At my work i no of three poeple who ride,

    first guy owns three bikes himself

    kawa zzr-1200
    ducati monster
    triumph daytona

    HR girl



    did own a GPX250

    we never rode around to spread out but we did talk about it a fair bit
  16. 6 ..... Me -blackbird .. the others are

    honda 600


    yamaha cruiser (1100)

    VTR firestorm

    Yamaha R1

    Hoysong 250
  17. HEY SANZ, you up and about buddy????? :D
  18. Me -CBR1000F
    Honda Spada
    FZR 250
    Suzuki Across

    There's a guy that rides a scooter as well be we don't acknowledge him and make sure there's not enough room for him to park so he can't park next to us :p :D
  19. I'm a casual relief school teacher so my work colleagues are different every day, but I don't know of any school where I go where any of the staff ride a motorcycle.

    Makes me king of the kids though, all the kids think my bike is COOL!
  20. Out of around 120 posties that I work with I have seen:
    CB750 (the late 70's one)
    GSXR 1100
    Bandit 1200 (every day)
    VTR250 (every day)
    CBR250R (one of my old projects) (every day)
    VFR750 '95 (special edition??)
    ZZR250 (only rides in good wether)
    Shadow VT1100
    ZZR600 (one of my old projects)
    CBR600 (old one)
    CT110 (every day)
    Speed tripple
    Harley D
    VFR750 (ME every day)

    there are some others who come on bikes every now and than... also two schooters...

    We have orgonised two rides last summer... and only three people turned up Me and the two guys I sold bikes to!!!