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workplace dispute

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. swing a punch at guido at said meeting

  2. HTFU

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  3. confront guido. kiss and make up.

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  4. quit! fcuk this sh#t.

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  5. other

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  6. Punch Guido in the mouth.

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  1. bill has had issue with how guido has bullied him over a period of time. bill recently made it known to management in the form of a letter as he understandably has had enough.

    unfortunately, when it comes down to it, it's bill's words against guido. though, why bill would make up such stuff and accuse another, as the manger pointed out, is a little beyond him.

    confronted by this accusation guido, obviously, denies any wrong doing and quite smugly asks, "what problem?" he agrees with the manager that bill, the accuser, sit and they all have a chat about it to resolve whatever the issue may be.

    bill, the victim, feels uneasy about this as he can't imagine sitting across a lying smug prick, who he's made every attempt to avoid in the past and who knows what he's done and seems to be getting away with it.

    resigning seems to be a very appealing option at this point for bill as thus far he is very disullisioned by it all! bill feels he should of just kept his mouth shut.

  2. Just get him fired.
  3. Having gone through something similar myself over the last 12 months here is my view.

    Document everything so you can build a history to present to your management staff. This document will also serve you well when they fail to do anything about it and your forced to leave/ take leave/ or workers comp.

    You have a documented history and an account for them to be put on the spot as to why they are not doing anything.

    Complain, complain & complain again.... Get the union involved, go out on stress leave..

    BUT most importantly document everything.

  4. I guess what he does depends how much he enjoys his current job and how easily he can get a comparable or better job.

    So, if he really likes his current job, he needs to both HTFU and confront Guido and hopefully arrive at an understanding. There is no guarantee that confronting Guido will lead to any improvement in the situation but if Guido has any brains he will back off. And if management has any brains, they will be keeping a close eye on Guido. Now that hubby has officially raised the issue with management they need to deal with it or run the risk that he will take legal action on the basis of harrassment.

    If he's a bit meh about the job anyway, I'd say f*ck it and find another job, life's too short to spend it dealing with tools.
  5. Many bullies don't even realise what they are doing. Go to the meeting, you may be pleasantly suprised by the outcome. What have you got to lose?
    If the meeting sucks, start job hunting, don't quit unless you can do without the income long term, coz you never know how long it will take to find a better job....

    Note that I said 'better' job, because you don't want to just find 'another' job. :wink:
  6. Just as well asked the question on here... because none of his ideas have scored a vote...


    Document everything... Bill probably doesn't want Guido sacked, just wants to get on with his job...

    Hopefully the 'meeting' will get everything out on the table, and that will be the end of it... but if it isn't... and others take up Guido's activities.. having documented everything will serve Bill well, when he takes the employer to the Industrial Relations Commission to get some $$$...

  7. yep. manager did suggest this to bill.

    unfortunately bill has not documented the numerous encounters or reported it up until now. this has been made painfully obvious by the manager and bill realises this to be a major hurdle. hindsight is a kick in the nuts at times.

    bill has indicated some potential witnesses that may be able to help but he too realises that they may not be of great assistance.
  8. Bill should carry a water pistol filled with his own urine, so he can 'train' Guido in correct and polite behaviour.
  9. I hear you Zulu! Aim for the mouth!
  10. No.

    You aim for the hair and the back of the pants... so he can smell it, and feel it if he tries to sit down.
  11. Bill needs to go to bunnings and purchase a bag of cement, he then needs to eat the whole bag so he can Harden The F&*@K Up!!! :LOL:
  12. AUS-ESP has it right. Bill needs to document.
    As for the meeting. If he wan’t anything to happen then he has to stand up and be counted. If the “lying smug prickâ€tells any lies during the said meeting, Bill should politely ask “are you willing to stand by that statement?†and if he sais yes then politely say†Well I’m sorry but I have to say you are being dishonest†(In front of the manager).
    If Bill can point out multiple direct lies, then unless the manager is being a prick, something will have to happen.
    Also note there are government bodies that can assist if Bills employer doesn’t take action/ (Don’t know them off the top of my head). I believe there are some nasty fines that can be applied to employers who allow bullying in the workplace
    For all those saying that Bill has to harden up. That is bollocks. Weather he can handle the bullying or not is not the point. Why the F#$k should he? He should not be subjected to this sort of thing. My approach would be to tell the bully to fcuk off but that is likely to get me in trouble. Going to management is definitely the right way to handle it.
  13. the manager is willing to help as per the company policy.

    seems the same policies put in place to help the innocent help the guilty as well.

    bill needs to think some more. if he is to go ahead with this he needs to have some questions prepared for said meeting.
  14. If I was the manager, I would take Bill aside and say:

    "You need to document any of this stuff. Get some proof or witnesses or anything. Nothing will happen unless there is some proof."

    And I would take Guido aside and say:

    "I don't want to hear about any more of this shit going on. I'm serious, Guido. If I hear one more f***ing word about your behaviour towards Bill, there will be a massive investigation, and people will lose their jobs. Understand? This isn't funny. It's not a game. I'm warning you, not an official warning - but a warning about how things will go unless certain people around here pull their head in."

    Bet it would solve the problem.
  15. Not necessarily.

    If Bill lodges a complaint the employer is obliged to follow it up.

    Here's a brief guide on what an employer should do.

    More info can be found at the Workcover (NSW) website.


    While resigning may seem like an answer, it's often the easy way out. Bill can do more to resolve this by staying than he can by quitting.

    There are laws and mechanisms in place to deal with workplace bullying, which comes under harassment.

    If it comes down to it, lodge a complaint with Workcover. Nothing dreads an employer more than when Workcover inspectors march onsite and start throwing their authority around.
  16. My father as in htis exact same situation. Needless to say it didn't end up well for my father.

    Due to the lack of action by my fathers company, he not only suffered severe depression (and still does), he left his job which he loved and had been doing for 25 years and even packed up and moved town.

    I have kept pushing for my father to press it further, but he is reluctant.

    In his case, it was an equal who was bullying him. An equal who was physically stonger and bigger than my father. My fathers boss witnessed the bullying and did nothing about it. The company did nothing about it, nobody did nothing about it.

    I received a scholarship from this copmpany towards my degree course many years ago and it was the only scholarship to go outside the USA that year, so it was even more so disappointing as this company had a pretty good track record of looking after its employees. Their annual childrens Xmas party was always a huge day with no expenses spared, etc........

    I would take Bill aside seperately and find out all hte issues and work out when and how the bullying is taking place. Then I would take Guido aside and explain to him that a complaint has been received about him bullying him and without giving the name of the person yet, explain hte situations that have arisen and generally find out his side of hte story. I would hten have the whole company undergo bullying counselling because if others have witnessed it and done nothing, then they are almost as much to blame as Guido is.

    I would then monitor the situation and if it doesnt improve then subject to conditions of employment, etc I would terminate Guido's employment immediately.
  17. Physically stronger and bigger isn't the be all and end all..

    Just go ape shit in their face and don't take that shit.

    You just have to convince the fcukers that you mean this shit... that they *will* suffer if they don't STFU.
  18. I grew up as a victim of bullying in the school system, it escalated and despite asking for help nothing was done except that I was provided with counselling.

    It all came to a head after I was assaulted and had the cartlidge in my knee torn badly. I went back to school after that, and stabbed one of my antagonists in the leg with a pen, threw a chair at one, shoved a garbage bin over anothers head, and hit another with a metal pipe.

    I was never bullied again; It's better to live one day as a Lion, than a thousands years as a Lamb.
  19. I got bullied at work. Problem was so was our entire department. Team leader went to talk with HR in confidence. It resulted in the whole company (as well as the bully) learning what was said about him. The guy threatened the team leader never to talk to HR. Pretty much the entire department resigned.

    Now, they're sucking up to us, wanting us to work for them again. All of them (except me) told them to go jump. I told them to pay my new company consulting fees which they've done. :) The problems stemmed from them not listening to our suggestions in the first place. Apparently, the usage of a PC is enough qualifications to architect and design a IT solution. :roll: Karma is biting hard right now. :LOL: :cool:

    But as to your problem, go document everything from here on. Even record conversations if necessary. Hard evidence is much better than heresay.
  20. This is why I quit HR.