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Workmates Revenge. HELP!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Moff, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. So one of my work mates does stuff to my bike. Like sticking plastic bags between the speedo and the screen. I have had my revenge by changing his screen saver to stuff like "It is now safe to turn off your computer", he lost a little bit of work like that. But now its time to get revenge in other ways.

    Anyone have any idea's? I need something that is easily fixable, but very very annoying.


  2. Peanut butter on his chair, lol.
  3. zip-tie around the prop shaft of his car so that as it drives it will make a ticking noise
  4. maybe not just unplug a critical cord for his computer but take the cord away. if he doesnt know it should be there he wont know what to look for.
  5. Shit in his shoes
  6. When his computer is on.
    Press 'ctrl + alt + right arrow/left arrow/down arrow'


  7. not sure what you mean here.
  8. Next time he touches your bike, smash his face in.


    Seriously, if it's all joking and fun there are so many things you can do. How much can you get away with and how much do you actually like him?
  9. He's a great guy. And I can get away with ALOT (aslong as I dont get caught ;))

    But seriously, i can get away with quite a bit lol
  10. Oh man, really? Does he bring a car to work?

  11. What does this do? I'm not doing it to find out!
  13. Sometimes I wish I still worked in an office...

    Actually, no I don't. Ever. But this is very cool and will be remembered.

  14. pop on over to www.pep-talk.com.au
    then enter the numbers of 2 people you wish to prank, then press call.

    or www.diamondexchange.com.au click on contact us then put in your mates number. voila, 1 call to him, then as soon as he answers it rings the business.

    Had a work colleague get pranked like that. 20 calls over an hour drove him crazy.....
  15. Shag his sister.
  16. I think keep it simple, and do something everyone can enjoy.


    This is still my favourite :grin:
  17. Or his mum.
  18. Childish, but Vegemite under the door handles on his car.

    Or open the handset for his desk phone and place glad wrap over either the inside of the earpiece (so he starts to yell) or the mouth piece (so the other person starts to yell) as it muffles the sound.

    Or just do a silent fart near him when he is on a very important call.

  19. Thankyou, thankyou .... thankyou..... :grin:

    Damn..!!!!??!! I;m on holidays for another week. :mad: