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Workmate messing with my bike. Am I wrong to be angry?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by iamahot1, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys
    Just want opinions please on this. I recently bought a near new zzr250 and had only had it a week when I found what I thought to be an oil leak. It hadnt had one that morning. Turns out a workmate had sprayed the motor with degreaser making me think it had an oil leak. Luckily someone else at work told me what had happened. I was furious!!!!.
    Do you guys think I'm warranted in being this angry? I may have let it go however when my partner looked at the bike the following weekend he found that all the chain lube has been degreased off. I'm angry just thinking about it. Another workmate who also rides a bike was parked beside mine but he is male. He wouldnt dream of touching his bike

    what do you think

  2. Id be pissed.

    I get funny about the guy here who rides a viffer moving my bike 4 inches so he can get past into a car spot.

    Its your property. My bike is the most expensive thing I own (and I own it outright, paid for in cash).

    are you a girl? Personally if that happened to me, I would be pretty close to pouring paint stripper on the guys car.
  3. Its not really about the bike, its about your work colleagues having NO RESPECT for you, a situation that you must reverse, by hook or crook.
  4. Kick them in the boy bits. You don't mess with a mans (or womans) bike.

    I reckon a potato up their exhaust pipe would be a fitting (and not TOO nasty) revenge...
  5. they are just jealous cos you have a super cool bike.... ;)
  6. I'd be pissed off too
    I assume that you're female and he is male?? Mabye he feels less manly or something :LOL:

    Anyway speak to them about it and if they don't stop bring out the brake fluid in their bonnet
  7. Yeah Im female. I guess he thought I was a dumb female and could do what he wants
  8. Rule of thumb with "practical" jokes....if the er, victim, doesn't laugh, it wasn't funny.

    If it wasn't funny, it was just bloody annoying and when people annoy you on purpose, well.... they're a right pain in the arse aren't they?

    I reckon its ok to be pissed, especially if you think he was taking advantage of newbikesensitivity/new to mechanical stuff issues.

    Spray him with degreaser and see if he laughs :twisted:
  9. Walk up to him, stand 5cm from his face and shout "Touch my fcuking bike again and I'll cut your tiny fcuking balls off"
  10. youre probably right about the jealousy thing. I know he told me he used to ride bikes but his wife wont let him now. I say stiff shit
  11. I think everyone is assuming that he did so THAT you would think you had an oil leak.... not that you thought you had an oil leak because he did it (maybe tryin to be freindly and clean your bike). If this is the case, then HELL YEA be pissed. Work place pranks are the worst, and people shouldnt need to be looking over their shoulder at the same time as bustin their arse to make some coin.

  12. What people don't realise, is that some degreaser eats paint an aluminium.

    Tell him you are sending him the bill for new engine cases and covers.

    It's also pretty slippery stuff. If it got on your wheel on the way home you could have easily dropped the bike.

    He might think he's being funny, but that's harrasment and dangerous.
  13. either that or he's got a secret crush on you and doesn't know how to verbalise it.

    He hasn't been pulling your pigtails and running away giggling as well has he??
  14. what a jerk :( Obviously just belting him is out of the question because that wouldn't be very lady like. I'd just play a similar prank... make him think he might have a brake fluid leak by pouring 500ml's of it down his bonnet and/or doors.
  15. Fair enough to get really pissed over that one. Messing with someone elses stuff is not on, especially when it's something complicated and succeptible to damage like a bike. Tell the guy to get a life, or just get the hell out of your way.
  16. You shall not let this go otherwise it will happen again. I suggest you go to your employer (I assume you work in the same company with him) and demand a disciplinary action (an apology plus financial compensation to clean up your bike). It is the responsibilty of employ to provide a fair working enviornement. I have seen people got sacked by taking similar action torwards workmates.
  17. PISSED

    Truth be known the :jerk: jealous, being out done by a girl.

    What did the other bike owner have to say , think about this.

  18. just squirt a little machine oil into his rear muffler on his car, after a few km's it gets hot and smoke starts going everywhere. hell funny and it dont hurt anyone at all. and then you can see if he's a real mechanical man. most peeps assume its a blown engine.
    and if he has a go at ya for it............just say "eye for an eye" :grin:
  19. i wouldn't advice doing anything to his car etc... if he figures out who it was he may do more than just some degreaser on you bike

    BUT he is definately WAY out of line...Confront him about it...with witnesses so if he tries anything you at least have some backup as to what was said.
  20. Yeah thats right. Having thought about I came to the conclusion that It then turned into a safety issue. I wondered whether I could have been hurt throught his stupidity