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Working with carbon fibre?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know where I can do a course to learn how to make things from carbon fibre?

    p.s. I'm in Melbourne.

  2. its the same as fibreglassing, you just need to pick a resin that will bond to the carbon.

    i studied (produced and designed) a carbon nanotube composite while at uni so i have some experience. ;)

    carbon fibres are just multi-walled CNTs.

    my advice (if you cant find anything specific to carbon fibre, is to do a course (or get some experience) in fibreglassing. the theory is exactly the same, such as:

    - types of resin for different hardness/flexibilities,
    - directionality of the fibre mesh,
    - multiple layer techniques,
    - spacing between layers,

    fibres are dangerous to the lungs (not to mention the toxicity of some resins.) so always wear an excellent mask and goggles when exposed to the stuff.

    edit: sorry i cant help you with courses though. should be easy to find one for fibreglassing though.
  3. CNTs?

    Aren't they in parliament?
  4. Dont you need some fandangled oven for curing or some sort of vacuum chamber?
  5. Ring around some of the TAFE Institutes to see what short courses they have going.

    Best bet is Kangan Batman but Holmesglen and Box Hill may also have something.
  6. I seem to remember reading the vacume is only required to mould into weird shapes that you cant lay the sheets into yourself... similar to metal vacume molding?
  7. you dont need a vacuum.

    you 'can' use one if you are having "troubles with bubbles"

    or..... :shock:

    want to get the wet composite into a tight mould.

  8. don't need an oven. you use 2 part resins like epoxy which set at room temp.

    (edit: sorry i forgot to add that you need a setting agent)
  9. Are there considerations in using this over a pre-preg and an autoclave? Strength?
  10. strength will be equivalent. you just need to find the right setting-agent.

    it might be worth doing a bit of reading. find some up-to-date 'engineering composites' books at your local uni library as a start.

    info on the net is often sketchy when it comes to these things.
  11. So you may as well use glass fibre then :?
  12. but then it's not the same weight/strength ratio, 2WA, which is the whole point of CF. other than the wank factor :LOL: