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Working When I Should Be Riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, May 8, 2016.

  1. It's yet another stunning sunny Gold Coast Sunday afternoon, and the twisties of the hinterland are calling to me, but I have to be in the office due to a deadline.

    Sucks. There are only so many days like this in a lifetime, and I seem to be spending too many of them in front of a computer instead of behind some handlebars.

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  2. Sorry to hear that BravusBravus. Although I'm not at work today, Melbourne winter has set in and it's just cold and miserable and raining. And the days I'm at work when it's sunny and warm, I just look at the photo's on my desk and just want to rage. Yes, it sucks. It really, really does. But live to ride and when you next get the opportunity, enjoy it in bucketfuls. Especially those hinterlands. :happy:
  3. working wastes time that could be spent riding!

    or like the tatt says 'live to ride, ride to live' it sure has some merit even if you're not a one-percenter
  4. I feel your pain. I had to work last weekend and the weather was brilliant. No work yesterday and it's pissing down with flood warnings etc etc.
  5. Sitting on the sidelines with broken bones is frustrating too.
    Although I think I'm surrounded by floods today, so maybe that nets out for me...
  6. I think Andrew WestAndrew West has the opposite problem....he is riding when he should be at work. don't you agree GeorgeOGeorgeO?
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  7. Move to a crap climate. The hills were definitely NOT calling me this morning.
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  8. "transitioning" he calls it.

    Sure he does it just to annoy me and a few others....
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  9. Well I didn't go for a ride today (really wasn't the weather for it), but after all this talk about MCA opening in Vic I dropped into the NSW Auburn store. You'll be happy to know I was restrained and kept my wallet in my pocket, although I did take note of the Rjays Mistral perforated leather jacket for Summer http://www.mcas.com.au/motorcycle-c...ays-mistral-ii-leather-jacket?cPath=407_4641&
    Now let's see what tomorrows weather forecast is looking like :p
  10. I get those emails too lol

    we should do a meet up at that store one Saturday, do a bit of a walk around inside followed by a sausage sambo and an afternoon ride.
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  11. Do you know what happens when you poke a sleeping bear with a stick enough times.......
  12. depends how big your stick is I guess :rolleyes:
  13. I'm waiting for their yearly sale, but good idea and we could work it into a ride. On the 'to do' list.
  14. I've found MCAS in Sydney CBD (and auburn for that matter) to be ridiculously overpriced, probably due to lack of competition. theyre generally pretty moveable on prices though, so that's alright. I don't think I've paid shelf price for anything there, but if they can move the price like that, just write it down on the shelf lower. I'm not in south east Asia, I shouldn't have to haggle for every bloody thing.

    On that note, can anyone in Sydney tell me the best place (re cheapest) to get a new helmet? The missus wants one too (re I don't like her wearing my spare that doesn't fit her properly), and I'd love a discount on two shoei's. Has anyone been to that helmet warehouse on the Hume highway in punchy or yagoona or wherever it is? Any good?
  15. Yup and like MCA before making any purchase do your homework. It's a small store and carry the same product line as MCA or Bikebiz. As for the cheapest place to get a helmet then maybe wait for a Aldi motorcycle gear sale, their helmets have the appropriate stickers for Aus so at least they are legal ...... I think !
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