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working up

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by crackin, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. whats the best/safest way to work ur way up on bike?
    eg- start at a 250 for 1 year then a 600 for 2 years then a 1000

    that just an example
  2. I dont know if its the safest way but thats exactly how I did it :)

  3. thats a good way

    :p i started on a cbr250R HURRICANE,then i bought a cbr600(rossi) now i have a cbr954RR :shock:
  4. I started on a 400 then a 650 then 900 then 250 then 900 now i have an 1100 . But then we didnt have restrictions in the GOOD old days.
  5. I started on a brand new GSF bandit 250 and went to a brand new CBR1100XX SuperBlackbird when i got my P's less than 2 years later.

    People said i was stupid but I knew what I wanted and why I wanted it for. If I got a 600 or something like that it would have been sold within a year and that would have cost me more money. I am considering getting a litre Fireblade as well, which means I'll have four bikes to play with all up.

    Pity, I hardly ever ride but that's another story. Prestige and looks is far more important.
  6. how much time on a 250 will give u enough experiance to step up to a 600?
    thanks very much
  7. you forgot the scooter Vic! btw how long have you been bikeless?
  8. Hi.

    I kind of did that too.

    Honda VT 250, Kwaka ZZR600, CBR600F2, VTR1000F.

    Though the Firestorm probably only puts out the same amount of power as a modern 600 it's a hell of a lot more grunty :twisted: :D
  9. Welcome to the forum crackin! what are the size restrictions in your state!
  10. Scooter, ppffttttt, If I owned a scooter I would have been voted MRAA membership secretary :shock:

    Bikeless for 6 months so far

  11. :shock: :shock: :shock: Hhhhmmmm, nah. On second thoughts I'll just keep my mouth shut :p

  12. I mean I know you are blonde and ageing but shit a brick...................



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  13. i did 250 to 600, which i'm quite happy with (for now)

    i think only you can say how much experience you need before you upgrade. know your limits and respect them :)
  14. its entirely up to the rider. some ppls would be ready for a 600 after 4000kays, others might take 15000 to be able to handle the step properly (i'm not talking being able to ride it like granny drives her hyundai excel, but ride it like that first 250 that you nearly sent the pistons through the tank on)

    so many people are so different that you couldn't possibly make a rule to cover everyone. best bet is to start slow and dont even think about upgrading till your 250 could go no faster even if rossi was riding it :wink:
  15. yeah good point
    ill take note of that

    i know my limits in my car, but ill respect limits on a bike alot more

    hope u's r watchin blokesworld
  16. 100cc Ag bike (can't remember what it was) around the paddocks at home


    a 10 year break getting around on just my pushie in the city


    CBR250R for ~9 months


    a 2 year break after collecting a wallaby on the babyblade


    bought a CBR1000RR eariler this year.

    Probably not the safest way to do things, but riding in the paddocks defiantely helped with my skills and riding the pushie around the city definately helped in being able to read the traffic so that when I started riding on the road the skills were there they just had to be combined. And the skills were developed in a lower risk environment so I guess you'd have to say it was a safe way to do things but the big jump at the end did border on recklessness.

    I'd recommend getting a naked for your first bike so there is less of a repair bill or none at all in the event of all the little drops you will have. After that a 600cc bike will more than suffice for any kind of riding you want to do.
  17. I started on a gn250 (3months), then a zzr250(12 months), then a cbr600(just under 3years) and now I have a 900supersport. I've been riding pretty much every day since I passed my learners, but was VERY frustrated with the 250s by the time my restrictions were up!

    It's one of those things, I think, that depends on how much time you're going to spend on the road and, arguably, your fear factor!!!

    :D :D :D
  18. KX80->Across->SV650S :)
  19. There is no rule, whatever you are comfortable with. But in Vic of course the law states 2 fiddy for the first 12 months so get use to that first.
  20. I know everyone says that it's only 12 months on a 250... so I was wondering...
    Isn't it 12 months on a 250 AFTER you've gotten Off your L's?
    So therefore a minimum of 15 months on a 250 (3 months minimum on L's, then the 12 months)? :?

    Which would mean that (not only for insurance reasons), you'd be silly to stay on your L's longer than you needed to?