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Working on car license now....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Karaman, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. ...and its a real bore being in a cage :(

    After riding for about 3 months, I've pretty much picked up most things on how to control a bike. I've gotten use to it, learnt how to u-turn in a sports bike, blipping the throttle, lane splitting :oops: and taking corners with ease. I was stoked about getting my bike license, it just seems like a chore to get my car license now, i feel so caged up in there...now i know why u guys like to call it a cage :p There just isnt any freedom.

    Power steering sucks, i prefer to control the vehicle directly :grin:

    Just thought i should share my thoughts :wink:
  2. Yeah i feel ya, i still ahven't gotten my car license and i don't think i will, if i need a car i will get a goldwing with a trailor.
  3. Get one of these.

  4. I want one! :grin:
  5. it's a great feeling to see 2 licensesin your pocket :grin:
  6. +1

    Only use when required. [​IMG]
  7. AMEN
  8. my mate went for his Bike P's when he was on his Car L's ... and they said he needed to get his Car P's before he gets his Bike P's ? why is that?
  9. if you think cages are boring, go rallying. that will change your perception. no way i'd go on a bike there, car all the way!!
  10. hmmmm after being forced back in my cage, i'm missing my bike more than anything!! Good idea to have 2 licenses, but cage is definately "use only when necessary"... so when the bike's off the road :grin:
  11. Yeah rallying would be awesome, so is any form of racing in a car, but driving around on the roads is whats boring.
  12. I love riding my bike as much as driving a car (except for sitting in traffic :wink: ).

    Why limit yourself? :cool:
  13. Not in Victoria... But you do get that warm fuzzy feeling when you see CAR and R under license type..
  14. Then why do I have two licences in my wallet?!
  15. if you are on your "l's" you will have a second licence.. but other than that, you shoud only have 1.

    i drive a WRX, and sold my across to buy it. cars are fun on a track.. awesome.. but normal road driving, at legal speeds, BORING!! esp in a car capable of much more. my next car is gunna be a dunger, so at 80 - 100 im caining it just so i feel like im driving the shit out it.
  16. yeah so basically

    Bike L's & Car License separate (be it L/P/Full License)

    Bike P's & Car P's or Full License will be joined together so you have one license
  17. yeah i dont think im gonna bother with what cars im gonna have in the future...when i do get my car license im getting my bro's old pulsar, which is already pretty awesome. Hes driving a focus xr5 now (For anyone who lives in Perth, hes probably one of only two orange xr5's that we've seen around, doesnt have a personalised plate but wants to get one) Wants to get his bike license next year as well, hopefully ill get a bigger bike before he gets one....rich bastard :LOL:

  18. [​IMG]
  19. throw a big block v8 in that mini ...ohhh the power