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Working in the mines.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Matt GO!!!!!!!, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Im interested if anyone has any experience, knowledge or know how of how and where to get a job working in the mines?

    Whether its dump truck driving, refinery work, kitchen-hand, miner, etc etc.

    I wouldn't mind putting in some hard yakka, but don't know a good place to start looking! ](*,)
  2. Unskilled jobs in mines don't exist and there is a lot of hype about how easy it is to get work there
  3. Unskilled work in the mining industry is plentyful. you just need to go through the right channels. You cannot just walk into a FIFO 250k job.

    Check out places like Apex-fenner, convetec, belle banne. All will train unskilled workers for Conveyor services, and they are screaming for blokes that are willing to have a go. Nice pay (look at 120k+) and have workshops near all the mining areas in Aus.
  4. Interesting that I have all my tickets for heavy plant equipment and could never get a look in at all - seems I needed 30 years experience as 10 years was not enough

    I have zero trust in the hype etc about mining as I know people who's own relatives could not help them get a start in the mines even though they worked there.

    Never mind with my building and construction degree as well as they fact I will be a qualified quantity surveyor I will told I am over qualified in the future
  5. Go work for contractors first, then get site work with said contractors once people get to know who you are you will have a far better chance of getting into the industry proper, or so I have been led to believe.
  6. I suspect that unskilled and inexperienced would be a little harder at the moment. There has been a flattening of the skills market in general and a lot have gone looking in the mines.

    Still the mining companies are still posting lots of ads in the regional paper. Go to some of the mine websites. XStrata comes to mind.