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Working in europe

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by es, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. If you have a parent or grandparent born in the UK you can live work and travel in the UK on a special 5 year visa... I have a grandparent born in france, does anyone know if this gives me any entitlements to visas in europe?

  2. Es, these rules are constantly changing. In the UK for instance, they've only just changed the rules to allow children of British mothers to acquire UK citizenship. Previously it was only allowed if the father was British.

    My memory tells me that the rights are normally only transferred one generation. However, given your age and qualifications you may be able to apply for a general work (time limited) visa.
  3. I've been thinking about this one - no sure what its like if you have a french grandparent - but know my mate got the visa to the uk on the basis of his grandfather who was english...

    Anyone can apply for a two year working visa in the uk...they're not particularly fussy about that visa...and know as an aussie you can travel throughout europe on your aussie passport without getting visas for most of the countries on the backpacker trail - but not sure about the work requirements...???

    I know if you're not bothered about what you do can usually get cash in hand work in the bars etc in greece, spain, etc...

    Might be an idea to call the french embassy - they probably know stuff instead of speculating like me... :oops:
  4. You realise they all talk funny over there? And the food...!
  5. i know :p but if i get a visa for france its a stepping stone for the rest of europe :)

    yeah seany, thats what i was talking about.
    I shot the embassy an email with my question but thought id ask here also :)
  6. If you do end up calling the embassy, you'll get best results by starting with this line.

    "Je appologise. Je ne parle pas le puits français parce que je suis un ignorat le cochon australien. " :grin:
  7. Talk like that might get you a visit to Cuba!
  8. thats ok, i do speak french :)

    what about sponsership? I have relatives in the UK & europe.
  9. What are you trying to do?

    Casual visas are simple to get. Proper working visas are harder.

    Good luck!
  10. How long you planning on going over for...???

    If got two year visa for uk and based yourself there - you could easily travel throughout europe no worries...cheap as chips to get flights etc...

    But yeah, i'm with cejay - some of them even talk dodgier than me... :oops:
  11. a proper working visa for 3 years or more.
  12. I'm heading over for 12-18 months next year for a working holiday. i'm eligible for a UK passport as my mother is a pom so no working Visa is required. The working Visa for Aussies lets them stay for 24 months but only work for a maximum of 12.

    Not sure on the rules for France but London is only two hours from Paris and is definately a stepping stone to Europe.
  13. my mate's going to europe.... apply for a German visa. It's the cheapest. You know how some countries you need minimum $5000 and whatever, Duetschland you need to show you have like $160 a month or something ridiculously low.. Don't think they're real fussy either.
  14. If you're eligible for a dual passport then you'd be laughing Es...

    Once got passport to one country in europe - you're pretty much free to work and travel for however long you want...know thats one advantage of having dual nationality...

    Mates boyfriends french - might take a few days but could ask him...?? he might know a bit more about the laws etc to get in there...
  15. What, but Es doesn't even know him!!!!
  16. would be great if you could ask for me :)
    I have to find out some further details about my ancestory, as grandfather was born in france but the rest of the family was from poland. :? ive been trying to find stuff about dual passports online but im struggling.
  17. what does it matter if it gets me into the country? I might even consider marrying you if it means i can work in the UK ;)
  18. No worries - I'll get onto it for ya.... :grin:
  19. Wow...you really are scraping the barrel now!