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Workcover Insurance

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Aly, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Does anyone know anything at all about organising work cover? When I go on their site it gives me a list of "agents", all of whom are insurance companies.

    Does that mean I have to contact them all and they will give me a differing quote or because its a government requirement will it be the same price quote regardless of agent?

    Yes...I could just ring them tomorrow and find out but you know...I want to know NOW.
  2. Ask smee, he's Greek, legends on compo :D
  3. Reply if the day!
  4. Help. Someone must have a business with employees
  5. They will all quote you the same rate, just choose the one you prefer. The premium is determined by formula and is reviewed each year.
  6. Thank you thank you thank you mwah mwah mwah
  7. Make sure you pay your premium. Work Cover agents appoint liquidators in a heartbeat...
  8. yeah I can imagine they would
  9. All depends on what state you're in.
    Depending on the state, just chat to the various insurance comapnies and see who has the best deal for your business size.