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work shop concept for sydney

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by tiprat, Mar 20, 2013.

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  2. do you think they'll make it? seems like a substantial target
  3. i think this will suit a lot of people that dont have a shed or garage where they live, my self i have my garage set up to rebuild old bikes, thats what i do for fun , others will find this a god send , ,if this concept takes of it will be a biker hang out , some where to go for a drink,a feed ,and mix with other bikers, some where to service your bike and inbrace the sydney bike seen ,
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  4. cafe racers are very "now"/on trend but most on them are fairly eats/self absorbed and there are hella problems with crowd-funded projects.

    plus sharing tools with strangers and enforcing workplace/workshop/shared tool ethics on a bunch of trend hobbyist.... fuk of.
  5. Good idea. Seems focused on custom bikes though.
    Does it come with strippers? Local MC Club has one that does.
  6. The Melbourne version has past $20,000 so it is achievable. My understanding is that they are seeking a factory to rent now. So I am sure you Sydneysiders can do the same thing.

  7. There are some non-bike-centric community workshops elsewhere in Australia, known as "hackerspaces" and mostly aimed at people tooling around with electronics. I know people who are active around Perth's Artifactory and Sydney's Robots and Dinosaurs and they both seem to be quite successful in catering to their members' interests. Basically the nerdy-people-who-like-making-things crowd.

    Can't see why the same thing wouldn't work for bikes.
  8. I have to admit, even though I'm all tooled up now so wouldn't need it for 90% of things it would be super useful for once a blue moon type of stuff that you don't want to buy tools for. welding etc. (not that I have the know-how but it seems pretty learning focused)
  9. Great idea. Won't work. Not at those prices anyway.