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Work pranks

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by starlet, May 5, 2008.

  1. Hypothetically speaking, if you really disliked someone you worked with cause they were an absolute w$nker that made you're work life hell what would you do?

    Hypothetically...... :wink:

  2. I'd tell them exactly what I thought of them to their face. Playing petty practical jokes on someone out of spite just makes you worse than they are.

    Practical jokes for purely entertainment value on the other hand are a completely different matter ;).
  3. i play prank on the guys i get along with well.... actually nobody leaves a half made cuppa in the kitchen anymore...... :LOL: :wink:

    but yeah if you don't like em, just tell to fcuk off :)
  4. I assume if they are making your working life hell, then they are above you in the chain of command? At 23yrs old, you need to learn how to deal with people like this, they will be there in just about every job you ever have, and pranking them aint gonna work to solve anything.
  5. I bet a resignation from you would piss them off.. try that :)
  6. Simple . . .

    Get a Post-It note.
    Get the phone number for the local Zoo.
    Leave a note for them to say that Mr G. Raffe called !

    That should make you feel happy !
  7. LOL @ Mickyb

    True comments, I have told them what I think and everyone that heard me agreed :)

    I guess I was just after some annoying pranks, nothing too bad just to have some fun, I know you'll always work with people like this - unfotunately life's not a fairytale but as I said some harmless fun is what I was after.
  8. oh thats gold micky, i am going to try that tomorrow :LOL:
  9. tape down their rulers to the tables, if they use the photocopier, get a paper clip and photo copy it a few times and scatter it the plain paper pages......it's great to watch people pull a photocopier apart looking for a stray paperclip......not so funny, get a lecture about wasting staff time :LOL: :oops:
  10. Oh there's lots of harmless fun to be had if you have plenty of free time and are really, really bored. Like moving their computer or desk by just a mm or so every day, then seeing how long it takes before they notice something's not quite right (works best on something without an obvious point of reference like being hard against a wall). Other subtle things can also work well, like constantly replacing the innards of all their pens with ones that are almost out of ink (same can also work with printer cartridges).
    Done right and they'll never know you've done anything at all, I've gotten months of entertainment out of messing with the heads of co-workers :grin: (Edit: You get bonus points if they develop some sort of nervous tick or suddenly take up smoking/drinking :LOL:).
  11. well, aside from stabbing them in the neck you may want to just go to the manager and start leaving a paper trail of your complaints. pranking will end up biting you.

    i've actually done this: just put enough tape on the underside of the ear piece and mouth piece of the phone and then press firmly down into place.

    same goes with the mouse.

    omg! hilarious to watch!
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  13. Whenever you have to speak to them, end every sentence with:

    "...according to the prophecy."
  14. :LOL:

    Now we're getting somewhere :)
  15. or "not that there's anything wrong with that"!
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  18. Back when computers were 'new' to all of us, we used to replace the keys on the keyboard, ie swap the ~` key with the += key etc etc.

    Watch them get shitty when they cant type properly.

    There was also a program that used to reconfigure the keyboard, to randomly change the key assignments (letters) when in certain programs.

    Of course, removing the doors on the toilets, and changing the male/female signs always works. Putting some nugget on the earpiece of a black phone has its moments, as does removing all the toilet paper.
    The best one was when we removed the tailshaft from the guys car, and he couldnt work out how come his car wouldnt move.

    changing the locks on the office door, and enrolling him for junk mail worked well. These days, if you saw an unattended mobile phone, a text to a SMS subsription would be more in order.
    And a waste bin full of the stuff from the paper punch, over the door, got a laugh.

    Although, we did seem to get the sack a lot?
  19. Sounds like some people are taking your post a little too close to heart, Starlet.

    I worked for a company that was ALWAYS chucking pranks. Changing the format of one individuals computer so the menus and all the lettering were REDICULOUSLY HUGE. Taking one button from a keyboard then replacing it the next day (in the right place) only to take a another single button. There was one dude who used his whole body to push open doors, so one girl would actually lock it from her side and he'd just slam into the thing! Changing the figures on the Sales Reps 'score board'. Wait for someone to go for a smoke (and light it) then buzz them over the speakers saying they've got a phone call but when they come in you "didn't get the name" but you were pretty sure you "put them on hold".

    The "worst" one we did was put fat - sorry - morbidly obese porngraphic photos (courtesy of the net) set as the desktop icons. Then set everything up so everytime you went to open a program a scene with two morbidly obese women getting off would take up the screen with the speakers blaring. No sooner was it all set up did the state manager rock up and go to use that computer! We weren't too scared as this was a dude who had a tab at an expensive exotic club in Brisbane...

    (I just might add, the computers/laptops we messed with were sales reps personal computers so there weren't any network/spam/security filters and the like to work around)
  20. We have a bunch of alarm timers lying around our workstations, and plenty of time to hide them. So last time I was on the 4-midnight shift when the overnight guy went out for a smoke I'd set 4 or 5 to go off with 5 minutes of each other, then hide them freaking everywhere. Did it 3 days in a row, he was so pissed off by the end of our rotation.