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Work Place attitude with management

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by teezam, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Its kind of wierd but is this just with me wondering if you guys experience the same as well. I work as a consutant at an Energy company directly. And the only guy in the whole office on a bike.

    With most of my collegues its usually OK, taking of bikes is awsome with some lunch time rides, rollies and the usual boasting talks etc.. While others call it dangerous and usual stuff that u guys hear most times

    Now comes the management aspect, when they got to know I ride a bike to work and sometimes ride out on work, they started condemming it and went abt with safety and liablity issues. Still remember my National Manager comming upto me and saying "R u crazy!!! Do u want to kill your self....." and such were the comments used by others which was completely de-moralising.
    Now after m,y crash when i stepped into office the first thing i heard was"U r lucky to be alive" !!! What the fcuk. Thing u should have realisd this realised that.....U know the usual bulshit..

    Well comming to the point do u guys really think its right for people to have suck a perspective?? Its fine if u hate bikes dont get on thembut u dont have to talk in such mannarism.... I know after been riding for so many years Nobody is perfect and still there is an amt of uncertainity everytime u get on a beast. But isnt it worth the thrill and risk......
  2. With that spelling and grammar, I think this is a groberts03 alter ego? :)
  3. Doing the bs lying on the bed and typing with 1 hand not to mention the largest font size still looks like small flies on screen...... hehehehe
  4. Couldn't help yourself ......could you Jason? :LOL: :LOL:
  5. I wont ask what your doing with the other hand. :shock: :p :LOL: or is that what bs stands for :?
  6. Anyway to answer the question, yes I think it's right for them to have that perspective. Right so far as they have an unknowledgable basis for their reasoning, so effectively are talking complete and utter shite because they have no idea about the subject in which they are commenting.

    My usual response is to just laugh at them, ask them when they last rode a motorcycle, and then (depending what mood I'm in and their attitude) either educate them about riding or tell them to come back and talk to me when they know something about what their talking about.
  7. Management is all good and some of my clients actually get right into it. And in fact one of the managers used to race bikes so its always good to sit down have a chat every so often.

    The only person who I've had trouble with is the receptionist (i.e. Manager of Everything) who had a bad experience when her x hubby too her to a Hells Angels party years and years ago, she's not the kind of person who likes roughing it AT ALL and didn't like the state of the house or people in it. But I've been gradually working on her.....just today she complemented my Riding boots......not much, but its a start.

    But my office is a pretty flexible place and I'm training them more and more every day. :wink:
  8. well.. if someone at work is trying to hammer negative comments about riding your bike, don't take any of it..

    u really dun need to take that kinda shit with u onto the road, it will distract ur attention from being on the rd to off the rd.. =T

    educate them about it.. but dun hear more than a word of it, i know its hard since they are management, but even they cross the line and need to know when to stop


    as for me, im convincing all my workmates and my boss's to start riding.. :p
    haha, *evil thought* maybe i can take this prick of a workmate for a ride on the back and nail it leaving him on the rd..
  9. Easy fixed , i did it at work to everyone , the boss , admin ,etc

  10. Mate......Unless they get chance to experience what riding bikes are all about they will never change. I'm lucky enough to work in a bike freindly company, the owners son, the state manager and 3 of the working crew all ride, never short of reading material in loo that's for sure.
  11. Some of management here know that I ride. They're pretty cool about. They enquire as to what it's like, where I ride, who I ride with, etc...

    With those who like to comment on how dangerous it is, I just remind them how walking down the street can get you killed, playing sport can produce some nice injuries, and how my mates brother did his knee shagging his wife. Then I ask them if I should wrap myself in wool and lock myself up in a padded room so I don't scratch myself. That normally sways they're opinion to a more neutral stance.
  12. My work is cool, one of the directors got a new bike instead of the car included in his salary package.

    At least 10%, probably more, state wide regularly ride bikes and a lot use the bikes to commute (like me).

    We're in the process of starting up a regular ride event (been in the process for two years :shock: ) with a director, the company lawyer, a senior bean counter all on board I reckon we got a good chance of getting it up and running. They even encourage the use of the bike (re-imburse costs) for quick ad-hoc jobs off-site!

    who's a lucky boy then? ME!!

  13. Mate, just tell them their mother had no issues with you when she was riding on your biatch pad.

    That normally shuts them up pretty quick. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  14. The Finance Director at my work rides and he has been ever so helpful, supportive and stuff.

    The first day I brought my bike in, everyone was wondering who owned it. lol!! They all spun out when they found out it was me. Generally, everyone has been pretty cool about it, just a few that say "it's dangerous, blah, blah" but that goes in one ear and out the other and generally they are ones that have never ridden a bike - go figure!!

    My brother and mum are still giving me a hard time about the bike which I used to ignore but now I am having been telling them "the bike is staying whether you like or not, bad luck".

    :D :D
  15. Everyone at work loves the fact that I ride. My clients (all whom have an intellectual disability) ask me everyday if I came to work on the bike and ask me every friday if I am going on a ride on the weekend.

    1 of the female staff members (shes a looker too guys ;) ) often asks me if she can come along on a ride or to coffee night but I hate taking pillions so have to knock her back.

    Another one of the female staff members was in the process of getting her bike licence but then fell pregnant so that has been put on hold for the time being.

    One of my clients even has a postie bike that he rides around his back yard and although he is non verbal, will make throttle movements to tell me he has been on his bike the night before :)
  16. The people here love my bike. Our receptionist's boyfriend rides and she has been pillion on the bike many many times. We have great chats about how good the feeling is whilst riding.

    The best thing is everyone loves to hear how much time I saved riding instead of catching PT or driving. I come in from south caulfield to richmond and at peak, its a 35-55 min drive around the 8-9am mark. I leave about the same time and usually get in 20-30 minutes earlier. Gives me time to sit down, eat breakfast here and catch up on web reading etc.
  17. ok all you deviates who's going to dissapoint this looker from coming into a cooffee night?
    so whos going do do the hard yards and arrange to get this stunner in ? :LOL:
  18. Wow, and it only took 2 posts :LOL:
  19. Yeah.. can't go "two up" on a bike with L's/P's can ya :wink:

    I used to volunteer & help out at the "Murray Valley Centre" in Wodonga, was on the Committee of management for a while too.

    There few things in life more satisfying than working with the intellectually different (hate the words disabled and handicapped)

  20. where? when? i'll come get her ;)