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Work pay

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ksystemz, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. They did pays around 6.30pm wesnday night and waited all today and no show. any ideas wen the cash might jump into my bank account so i can buy some goodies

  2. From what I've seen if they leave it until evening to transfer the money it won't show up the next day, but the day after (so should be there today). It also depends on the bank - if you are using the same bank it can be fast, others can be slow.
  3. My pay is processed on a Monday and in the bank on Tues and I get the statement on weds in the mail.
  4. I dunno: my pay travels so quickly that it barely leaves a trace as it passes through my account.
  5. still havent got it
  6. I would be getting in contact with the person who did the pays and make sure they put it in the right account, its a common mistake they will put ina wrong digit and you wont get your pay. You have to get them to double check. Has happend to me a few times.
  7. i got it from my bank statement, thing is i have my loan to pay and i keep getting screwed around
  8. YEah but ring the person who pays you at work and make sure they put the numbers in correct. you acc number maybe 44398 they may have done 44388

    It can happen it will all be on there system what they entered so get them to check.
  9. My pay takes an extra day to come through due to being a different bank and if it was paid on a friday it wont show until the tuesday.

    That said, sometimes our bank loose the scheduled payments for internet banking and they don't tell anyone until you call in.

    This happend at my work twice in the last month.

    Regardless of the issue you need to speak to who does you pays at work and if it is the case they can call the bank and have the money put through as a "priority payment" which makes it show up straight away regardless of which bank you have.

    Remember there is no use working if you aren't getting paid. Be sure to remind the boss of that.
  10. i rang up he said he paid going to bank now
  11. Alot depends on the particular banks involved:

    ANZ (for sure) and NAB (last I used them) transfer money in and out instantly.

    BOM/Westpac are pretty fast.

    Commonwealth (criminals) will take 24 hours to do anything. Ive seen a commonwealth to commonwealth transfer go like this: Money leaves account A. 24 hours pass. Now the transfer is processed. Money is now held against account B, but not put in it for another 24 hours.

    I always thought the Commonwealth was playing the short term money market - I just didnt want them doing it with my money. One of the many reasons I left them.
  12. I get paid electronically too. Goes out of work account thursday and i have it friday morning everytime. Thas from NAB (work) to HSBC (me).

    Transfers need to be done before 4pm (eastern time). Then they will be processed that day and generally should be available in the receivers account the following day.

    If transfers are done after 4pm then they are processed the following day and then will be available the day after that.

    What shits me is whats with this 9am-4pm bull??? Who the hell only works 9-4? What are they.....a bloody Op Shop being run by 80 year old volunteers?
  13. Had an employer once who used to play this game. if the transfer wasn't done before 6pm, the bank wouldn't process it until the next business day - resulting in it not going in until the following Monday. Often he was waiting on cheques to clear, so it saved him a bit on his overdraft :evil:
    Also had many occasions where funds just mysteriously went "missing" within the CBA, and stayed missing until I demanded an explanation.
  14. That's a bit harsh, isn't it?

    My work banks via CBA. I have three accounts into which money goes; CBA, Bendigo Bank and Members and Education Credit Union.

    The payrun is processed late Monday arvo, usually before CoB. I see the dough in the CBA account by 6pm, with the Bendigo and MECU accounts anything up to 4 hours later. Although there are times when it may not show up til Tuesday morning.

    As for funds transfer, from CBA to say MECU, if I do it now, Friday, it'll be there Monday. If I did it say, this time yesterday, I'd see it in MECU probably tonight. It's usually the same from MECU to CBA or Bendigo Bank.
  15. I recon you find out which bank your employer uses and open an account with them, usually if its with the same bank it will transfer to your account much faster. I did this with my job and get my pay now a day quicker :) it also means I run out of money a day quicker too :( .
  16. I'm with the Commonwealth and I've never had a problem.
    My working week finishes 10:45pm Monday night, payroll calculates everything Tuesday and I have my pay by lunchtime Wednesday and payslip by 3pm Wednesday too
  17. They are paying me again now so when would i see this money , the lady at bank said if he does today it go in by tormrmroz
  18. Send your money this way and i'll look after it :wink:
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Seems to me they are takin you for a ride Matti.
  20. my work sux (hence me finding a new one)... somedays i get paid mondays, sometimes tuesdays or wednesdays or even thursdays. it is spose to be wed. its crap. very unorganised family business.