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work owes lots of money to me

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by spongesam, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. since february i've been owed from my workplace.
    I get paid once a month.
    This month I am STILL owed money.
    The amounts owed are in the range of an entire months salary.

    I need to find out where I can go for legal advice or something?
    Because all my efforts aren't really getting very far.

    What's more frustrating is I am in the process of searching for a new bike, but at the moment would havea horrible time getting finance.

    i don't want to go into details here, but is someone able to suggest anyone to me that may be able to help?

  2. Can you PROVE they owe you money?
  3. Department of Employment and Workplace Relations advisory service
    Information on wages and conditions
    1300 363 264

    Workplace Rights Information Line

    Advice about entering into a workplace agreement or to dicuss concerns about unfair or illegal employment practices
    1300 882 648

    (these contacts are for people employed in victoria, under victorian legislation)
  4. thanks joel

    ps yes, i can quite obviously prove they owe me money
  5. no worries dood, workplace disputes/pay issues etc. is one of my little specialties ;)

    good luck with it :)
  6. Thats for that info as well Joel :)

    Just passed it in to mah daughter who did some casual work for one of the bigger pubs in Sorrento a few weeks back, and she is still waiting to be paid as well :twisted:
  7. Don't muck around with them. I'd engage a solicitor and let them handle it. I've found through bitter experience, that employers once they owe you some money, find it very hard to pay it back. Some crap about you having to be grateful about having a job/you will feel threatened now blah blah.
    By the way, check that you've been paid compulsory super as well, I am still owed 11 months of it...........

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Go talk to them about it.

    As long as you are willing to go without - why should they worry!

    I employ 5 people, and the worst thing you can do to an employee is to shortchange them.

    My advice - write them a short letter setting out how much you are owed, and why. Hand deliver it to them, and keep a copy. Make sure it is dated.
    Stick to the facts only, and take all emotion out of it - don't make any threats.

    And find another job. They obviously don't want/need/can't afford you, get out now before you are owed more!
  9. they aren't short of money, it's only one of the biggest companies in australia.

    i'll call those listed by joel.

    3 months, and they haven't fixed the cause of the problem, gives me the sh*ts.
    i'll let yas know how i go
  10. You should be ringing Victoria Wageline mate.

    Telephone (Hours 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday-Friday, local time):

    * 1300 363 264 (within Victoria) (local call cost)
    * 03 9954 2510 (outside Victoria)

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  12. My house mate (unknorm) is owed about $4K from work, it *was* $10K until 3 weeks ago when he was paid $4K and the other monies ($2Kish) were paid in small bits here and there each week. A couple buildings hadn't paid their invoices ($50K-100K I think??) so his boss couldn't afford to pay any of the 6 workers for almost 3 months (in full) :shock:

    This is the reason he was on a fair lot, basically being slack with arriving to work on time, LONG lunches and early finishes as his personal protest. Not much else he could do as the boss (so he says, they are 'real life friends' besides just workmates) said he literally had no cash to pay people. Stuff was tight for a while but the boss has finally got his butt into gear and got a $30K overdraft which has taken AGES to be able to be used since application for it.

    At my old place, whenever we weren't paid on time, we didn't turn up. Managed to get 3 days off in my 6-7 years of working there :wink: Well, can't talk any longer, off to see some bands! Wishing you the best, it SUCKS not being paid. It woke me up (years ago) to stop blowing $1K a week on the pub/clubs and start saving some of it :> Been saving $20K plus a year so not being paid on time doesn't impact me as such except lost interest which is meh, no care. Lots more to worry about than money.

    Ok, GONE!
  13. Oooh shit. Sorry dude. fing20.