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Work/Motorbike gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by hughhurst1990, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I've been looking into some motorbike gear that I can wear to work without getting changed at either end or compromising safety (commuting traffic = commodores and camrys galore :S)

    I've found these boots:

    I just want some pants (not jeans) that would look good with a business shirt. Failing that are there some kevlar leggings or something like that I can purchase?

    It's hot in QLD so I don't really want to get dri rider style pants that go over the top and I feel comfortable on the hottest days in summer in my Draggins so Kevlar can't be that bad right?

    Any experience with suitable products would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Draggins have Chinos.

    When i purchased mine, they had a range of colours (Black, Blue, Tan).

    Mine have faded a bit, and are now looking a bit scruffy for work.
    Recently went to purchase some replacements.
    Seems now you can have any colour you like, as long as it black!
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  3. They seem good for starters. Would be good if there were a few more colours. Grey would be a good start for a lot of corporate workers (like myself) because I find it looks a bit more professional than black (if it's worn correctly.)

    Thanks for the link. That looks like a good shop to browse around online :D
  4. Get used to the idea of carrying a change of pants.
  5. I take the pants in the tailbag, but take the train whenever I have to wear a suit (no space at my desk to keep one around.

    That said, the pants are usually a bit creased after an hour bouncing around. Might look into those chinos.
  6. Forget buying pants that look decent. Go with these underneath.

    Also, I'd been searching for wearable shoes for a long time. How safe do your ankles feel with your boots? I'm very fond of fully functional legs, and was skeptical of anything that didn't protect above my ankle bone. I settled on these: http://www.vitessemoto.com/boots/
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  7. They look like what I was looking for! Thanks for the link! I'll definitely look into those.

    I don't actually have those boots. I'm a little worried about the ankle protection as well but I don't want a big cumbersome boot under my pants all day. If I can find something that sorta hugs my calves (Like Doc Martins but... not... and more riding friendly) I will definitely get that.
  8. Anyone got a tip on overpants? Not so much after storm proof wet weather ones but jut ones I can wear over the top of my work pants and not have to carry a change of pants or take my pants off to remove Kevlar leggings.
  9. the only kevlar pants i can think of that would work with a business shirt would be draggin metros.
    from memory theres only two manufacturers that make dress pants with kevlar lining. and i can't remember the other one

    ...but being draggins they probably cost 3 times as much as other kevlar pants.
  10. as for boots, better to change at work imho. not going to find a casual shoe with good shin/toe/heel/ankle/torsion protection
  11. I change out of my Draggin Silverbacks when I get to work.

    I bought Draggin Cargos so I could wear them some days at work without getting changed but honestly, the quality of them was lacking. Nothing like the strength of their jeans.
  12. I just have a pair of black Draggins I change out of at work. I keep a set of work clothes and shoes here in a locker (to which I can't find the key today, for some reason, dammit). I won't wear work clothes under the Draggins b/c sometimes I wear a skirt, and other times my slacks and top get crushed. On a casual day, I wear jeans under the Draggins and just strip off the Draggins. My boots are OK under jeans if I choose to - they're quite comfy.
  13. i leave a pair of work shoes under my desk.

    got my foot run over by a truck on the way home from work once, never again do i got to work without wearing boots lol
  14. To be honest its not really possible to solve your issue. Any gear that is protective enough to warrent its wearing is not really going to look like a business shoe and your not going to find a kevlar lined wool suit.

    Just squid it or get changed. I would say if you really cant get changed at work, just wear a textile jacket, good gloves and a good helmet. if you go down, your not going to die at least.