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Work Load

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Toefa, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Nothing... I turn up and get paid

  2. There is not enough time in the day to fit all work in

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  3. 50/50 Work hard for half the day then BLUDGE

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  4. Life is a breeze and i am the King of time management

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  1. I have been sitting here reading NR for the last few hours and realised that i have not done one bit of what i should have for today. I look around and see twenty-ish other people organising dinners/weekends/lives and have started wondering, does anyone actually work anymore?

    I could, if quized, explain all the wonderful projects i am working on and how busy i am - to the boss, but truthfully, why do today, what can wait til next financial year. I have moments where i am flat out, but when it slows, its back to MY time... hard.

    Is anyone else like this, or am i just not challenged (vocationally, i will always remain challenged in other areas) anymore?

  2. i am the same....i know what i need to get done each week, sometimes we just lack the info, and have down time other times i work like the worlds about to end......all in all i say 50/50...although i pressing the boss for a 4 day on 3 day off rooster...he isn't as keen :LOL: :wink:
  3. I pretty much work when I want and how hard I want. If I'm starting a job that is very labour intensive and I don't feel like doing the manual stuff, I just ring up my casual labourer and he digs the holes, shovels the soil etc...... :grin:
  4. bloody 'ell! i've got some time today 'cos a client cancelled some stuff this arvo but for the most part i'm flat out and stressin' about getting it all done. i know that's true for 80% of my clients too (the other 20% being public service). now i'm running my own show it's better than it used to be but i've been insanely, stupidly, non-stop overloaded for the last 5-6 months with just some light cracking through at the end of the tunnel now. i didn't know people still had jobs like yours. wanna swap? actually, i take that back - i enjoy what i do - there's just too often too much of it :evil:
  5. Hey that resembles my roster :) (Just reverse it) :p :p :p

    Gonna change soon though :? just landed another contract, and another is on the horizon, so may be working 6 out of 7 soon. One of the contracts is in Mackay, so some regular travel coming up too.
  6. Hmm....I'd say I'm about 90% flat out and 10% is play. In saying that, some days (very rare) it's the other way around.
    I usually just flick over to non work related things in between work..... like now :p
  7. it depends.

    today is a slow day.

    but some days are completely demented & I'm at work for 13 hours.
  8. I'm retired - at 32!!! I get kids off to school, have 6 hours to maybe do a bit of housework, then do as little as possible till bed time. But I can clean my entire house in less than an hour when I feel like. So that will give me 5 hours a day, 5 days a week to take my bike out... unless it's raining, then she can stay home and get a polish instead!
  9. Carolf.... you are very lucky!!! :)

    I wouldnt mind doing three 12 hour days and having four off, i think i could handle that :cool:

    I guess i would enjoy working hard for part of the time if others around me were motivated and working hard too. The problem is, everyone tries to bludge harder than the next person and it has a negative effect.
  10. I'm like that too.. Monday was a 4 hour day, Tuesday was a 3 hour day, Wednesday was an 8 hour day, yesterday was a 18 hour day.. :cry:

    Today looks like it's going to be about 6 hours. :cool:
  11. No Access to the internet from work, otherwise working flat out may be disrupted by NR! :grin:
    Having said that, it makes heading out for a quick squirt on the bike in my lunch break all the more enjoyable and appreciated. Having my bike at work keeps me sane!
  12. when its on, its on!
    lucky to get 10hr breaks between shifts :shock:

    when its not on (2 months of the year) i just, err, do....stuff :LOL:
  13. Flat out since the promotion - averaging about 50 hours a week, often well into the 60's.
  14. It's all or nothing at my work.

    Some weeks I am bored senseless.

    Other weeks (like this one) I work way more than a full-time week.

    I have been REALLY sick for two weeks and couldn't get time to go to the doc. Now I am at the point of chest xrays (probably pleuracy!)

    Not a thank-you in sight for holding the fort whilst coughing up green crap and not being able to think straight! :cry:
  15. lucky thats not a prerequisite for Spray Sealing!! :LOL:
  16. I'm an old school tradesman. Flat out for 8 hours then home.
    I will do what it takes in those 8 hours to get the job done on time, but that's all you get from me. Life is too short for lots of overtime every week!
    Besides, I have been buried by the whole work some overtime, that workload is now the norm, add more work bullshit, and will not do that any more.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Yes- I KILL things if I don't think straight at work!

    Stress is good for you- IT MAKES YOU REALLY, REALLY SICK!
    (Yes- I AM YELLING!!!)
  18. Depends who's in the office, and how much the the guys overseas screw things up...but in general 30% work, 70% bludging :-w

    And i'm about to ask for a pay rise :LOL:
  19. my work itself is pretty on-off. since i work weekends too though, its obviously quite then. work itself isnt the problem, its a full time job (40-50 hours, i know soft, but still a full time job by industry standards) full time uni at 25 hours a week, then reserves. not enough hours in the week for everything. ahwell, i hate being bored.