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work in the mines

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by rat man407, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. i was just wondering weather anyone on here works it the mines
    and if you do how did you get in and what would the best way for somebody with no experines to get in?

  2. I know several people that do.
    First and foremost, they applied.

    If you have no experience, do you have any qualifications that may help? A good tip is to ignore the big mines. They get swamped with applicants. The first stage of the reviewing process involves picking up half the pile and putting it through the shredder. Look at the smaller mines, apply there as brute labor.
  3. get your riggers ticket.
  4. I worked in a mine outside of Marble Bar.

    It seems very hard to get in these days without a specific trade or Uni degree. I had no experience or qualifications but the old adage about who you know and not what you know came into play. Lilley is right in my case - I was one of 2 people caretaking an inoperative mine. Checking gensets, shooing off cattle and camels, doing minor repairs, digging trenches, maintaining the bore and water supplies etc.
  5. i don't any qualifications that would help i'm still at school and trying to get out so of crouse mines was my frist thought and i have appiled to a few as as drillers offsider but there want somebody with HR licnes and A i don't have the cash to afford to get my HR B i don't know anyone with a HR truck to do my L in
  6. stay in school
  7. If you want a realistic option, call up a workforce (workforce international is a major one) and they will get you into a warehouse quick enough. Money isn't special but it's a start.
  8. I worked at a residential mine in NSW. All the traineeships and apprenticeships went to locals (from established local families). If you don't live near a mine you don't have much chance until you have tickets in something. I'd suggest trying for a diesel mechanic or boiler maker if you don't like school much, fitter or electrician if don't mind school and an engineering degree if you are a nerd.

    They do give work to people without qualifications but these are normally people who are a bit older -- there was less expectation of people getting qualifications when these "older" people were kids and "older" people tend to have more edges knocked off them already!

    BUT you don't have to make up your mind until you have an offer, there is no harm in applying for things and making up your mind later.

    The mining companies tend to poach from the contractor companies too. So look at companies that work at the mines -- not just the mining company.

    Can you lift heavy stuff? Mill relining might be the go. Where do you live?

    Get a forklift ticket. Cheap and you are then useful, show some operating ability.
  9. i'm an HR driver so i can tell you for a fact you don't do learners in trucks like you do a car. you have to have your P's for a car for 2 years before you can upgrade to HR, once you've had your P's long enough you just go to transport office, answer some questions, then drive with (driving school/licensed driver) to get experience, then do your driving test

    boilermaker's still a brain-function job. need pretty high scores in math
  10. They're employing people from overseas nowadays rather than skilled workers here..

    and since you have no experience in (you haven't actually stated what you do).. whatever it is.. i doubt you'll have any luck.

    It also depends on whether you actually have any of the trades they desperately need.
  11. yeah driving with the driving school is pretty much what i mean by l's and as for appenterships i have apiled for that many it is not funny and i'm up northen NSW byron bay area
    and staying in school is not really an opcion

    and yes i know my spelling is shit
  12. So you're looking for a job as a truck driver in the mines? or are you looking for an apprenticeship in NSW in what? what kind of job in the mines are you actually after?
    Is it that you would like to do a truck driving course or are you after an apprenticeship in something, that could lead you to a job in the mines? there are plenty of option's available for apprenticeships in any state.. depending on what you actually want to do.

    Do you have any ideas for the job you wish to do in the future? or is this just something you thought of to get out of school?
    Because a family friend is an engineer and he works in perth.. works ridiculous hours 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, so its not easy work..

    A quick google search for "jobs in the mines" will show you heaps of websites where you can see what jobs are available.. and what skills will be applied in those particular jobs.
    And you can go from there i guess.

    But if you have no clue on what you actually want to do for your career, id suggest having a good think about what you like doing or what you want to do.. and work towards that, rather than leaving school and not having any idea on what you want to do.. i left school knowing what i wanted to do for the rest of my life.. and that's cook and desserts/patisserie.. because it has always been something i have been good at and enjoy doing all the time, so why not make a career out of it?

    Post a bit more info for those who know about it and have connections.. but if you just search on google for jobs in the mines you will find several websites for Australian and overseas jobs.. and get more info from there.

    I thought about cheffing in the mines because the moneys good but what i enjoy doing has always been desserts and pastries so now since finishing my apprenticeship (last year) i'm working on moving into the specialised field of patisserie so id rather not work in the mines.
    But when i was looking though i just searched and there was shit loads of jobs, but i don't think there is any jobs for someone with zero experience in anything.
  13. well what i really want to do is get an apprenticeship motorbike mechanic postions but i can't find any of them so i been thought car and truck ones as well the problem with the work froce today is that no matter what you want to do you need exp frist

    and becasue i failed at finding an apprenticeship driving truck or plant operator is my second choice
  14. Positions* Force* Because* First*

    I know its the internet but .. a bit of spell checking would go far when you're talking about a serious subject. No offense though.. just its annoying.

    So you actually want to do an apprenticeship as a motorbike mechanic?
    That is your dream job? or that is what you're interested in doing?

    I find it hard to believe that there is ZERO apprenticeships in motorbike mechanics in the whole state of NSW.. have you had a look on the various job search sites? just like i said about the ones for the mines.

    Driving trucks, plant operator and a mechanic are 3 different fields of expertise.. are you just throwing out jobs that you think will be good? or have you thought about it.. or do you just want a job so you can leave school earlier?

    When you start an apprenticeship in anything you are not expected to know everything about the job you are undertaking, that's the idea behind an apprenticeship.. you're learning on the job, and you go to Tafe for the theory part, or as i did i had a teacher come out to my job, and i met him at a cafe on my days off (My choice).

    So basically you are going to school again, for the theory part and some practical stuff (i can only speak on my profession), but i assume that its the same for any field.. as a motorbike mechanic i'm sure they'd have engines you practice on at the tafe.

    How old are you? Depending on the job and the boss, to be taken seriously you need at least a year 10 pass.. some prefer you finish VCE, but its not necessary, i'm sure there is people who got an apprenticeship younger but year 10 is usually the least amount.

    In my opinion from the posts and info you have replied with, you don't really have a set job you want to be doing for the rest of your life, or at least a majority of it, people change jobs all the time. An apprenticeship is usually 3-4 years of shit wages and conditions, essentially you're the bottom of the totem poll and you need to work your way up, if you're good at what you are doing, this usually helps you move up quicker.

    IF you know nothing about the job you're doing.. and have to be taught everything.. it becomes harder, but you'll get there.

    So what i'm asking is do you actually WANT to be a mechanic or a truck driver.. or a plant operator.. or are these just jobs you're interested in doing?

    I don't think you've really thought this through.. with the mines.. if people with years and years of experience and all the degrees and trades under the sun aren't getting jobs.. you don't really have much of a shot.

    If you are really serious in the bike mechanic, look online at the job search sites or go around to the mechanics and ask if they would hire you as a 1st year apprentice.. and if you're committed and hard working you'd get the job.

    cheap labor.
  15. Mikey213 has given you some good advice, I would also suggest you work on your presentation skills a bit more. If your posts here are an example of how you express yourself, you really will not come across very well to a prospective employer.

    Why is staying at school not an option?
  16. Stay in school. If you are not dead set on succeed or die in a specific job, you will probably need a yr12 or equivalent education.
    To retrain if you made a terrible mistake the above mentioned will help greatly.
  17. my dream would be an motorcycle mechanic the other jobs are just fall back and as for finding an apprenticeship. i have gone to all the bikes shops in 100km and handed out my cv. i have searched thought almost ever job site and there is atm there is 1 going in nsw witch i have applied for

    as for my spelling normal i would use spell check but net rider's one just crashes my computer i don't know why

    and as how i present my self in here is a lot different to how i would to a bike shop
  18. With no experience, unless you are related to, or know very well, someone who is already working in the mines at supervisor level who can get you in as a TA, you won't get a sniff of anything. The industry is not interested in wasting (by the standards of their commercial model) time and resources training anyone up.

    Personally I think that particular commercial model stinks and it's the fundamental reason for the current skills shortage but that's the way it is.
  19. Motor mechanic pays shit wages even after your qualified, It may sound like a good career, But the long term benefits are just not there, Financially,

    Boilermaker, you will be taught English, Science, Maths, Theory, Minimum year 10,

    A DLI welding course will take 3 years at night school, Then you can get a job any where in the world, You dont even have to speak the language in the country where your working,

    Try the Labour Hire Companys, They will tell you what you need for a job, unqualified,

    Stay at school, get an education first, It will help you in the long run,

    Whats 4 years out of your life, when you have to consider and put it against 45 years of a working life,

    Nows the time to learn, not in 10 years, I did a 5 year Apprenticeship, and a working life of 49 years, Just retired,

    Think about the rest of your life, Not just now,

  20. i know what the rates are like

    and as for staying in school i'm currnetly in year 12 but becasue my school is that ****ing retarded there screwed up the numbers and if i want to get my hsc i have got to do another 2 years and there no way in hell i'm doing that

    @patb your right about it causing a skills shortage AUS is pretty much ****ing it self into the ground
    and as for know someone that pretty much the reason i put this post up hoping somebody would be able to help me