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Work Expectations - What would you do

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by davidp1984, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Sorry, couldn't think of a better title.

    Now if you were a bossman or business owner and had an employee who is working 18 days straight, having one day off and then working a further 4 days (long days as well). How would you expect the employee to work:

    100% being that he goes above and beyond his duties

    60% being that he does what is necessary and a few extra duties

    40% being only what is necessary, nothing more.
  2. It's clearly a loaded question.

    But to answer it in the way you have posed it, my answer would be that I would never expect my staff to do that.

    However, I think a more fitting question would appear to be "Given I am expected to work these hours, how much effort should I put in at work". And that would come down to your work ethic, and self respect and assertivenes..

    - Are you being passive-aggressive - by not being assertive and not declining the extra work when asked to do it, yet also not being prepared to put in the effort required?
    - Do you really want to be in that job? If you don't have anything else to go to, are you prepared to suck it up for the time being and then get the hell out of dodge once you get the oppurtunity?
    - Remember, if your boss is using you, he will get only short-term gain and lose your long term loyalty. That's fine, work in a way that is consistent with the sort of person you want to be, and then use the job for what you need it for -> short term cash/to put on resume/to get exposed to that field.

    But I suspect that you have not had an open, assertive discussion about his expectations to get you to work so many days straight, but you are doing your own form of protest by working slowly.

    Am I right?

    I have been known to be wrong once or twice though. :grin:
  3. I'm with morbo; this is something that you should be discussing with him, not with us

    the fact that you are not would indicate that you have either tried and failed, or not tried.

    if you've tried and failed, find another job and move on; he has the money, he can make the rules

    if you haven't, then you need to, because you don't need to be giving him a reason to sack you, however hardly-done-by you feel you are.
  4. nah not really, doing a favour for the boss.

    I normally work 9 days straight and then get 5 days off. Sat through to the following Sunday and then get Mon-Fri off. Its alright because its a mini holiday every 2 weeks but definetely miss the weekends.

    Boss needed to be off during my week off and asked if I can work it for him. I agreed but am merely pacing myself as 23 days straight (I'm counting my day off as working because the only reason I have that off is to take my daughter and neice to see Disney princess on ice) is quite full on, I'm sitting at 60%, customer's dont notice anything different and I'm doing things that don't necessarily need to be done but doing anyway to pass up some time.
  5. Isn't that illegal?

  6. To answer your question directly, I'd expect the employee to at least maintain your definition of 40% otherwise I'd make them take time off.

    I have a few points to raise. I've been in the situation of having little/no time off for weeks on end (27 days straight was the maximum and we're talking 12 hrs or more work days) and it bites. I've seen someone have 3 days off in 6 weeks and he was fine. That's how he worked. I've seen someone (a Foreman - he helped out on the tools a little as well) do 5 weeks straight of 12-15 hour days and he became more than annoying to the point where he got sent home otherwise he would have been given his marching orders.

    Your 60% definition is really a 100% in terms of expectation. If an employee does what is required then a little bit more then surely they've more than fulfilled what you want from them, right? You couldn't expect anyone to operate at 100% (i.e. no time wasted at all and going hard at it) all the time. There's very few who are capable of doing that without burning out.
  7. Yes.
    If you work more than 6 hours a day for more than 6 days straight, they are legally obligated to provide the Arnott's Scotch Fingers that have the chocolate on the back.
  8. Just want to clarify something as I think I may have mislead some.

    I am doing the work as a once off and then back to my normal schedule.

    I'm not really fussed by it, more curious as to what people would expect of an employee in that situation.

    Not forced to do it, generally have a good boss so am helping him out.
  9. If I found out someone had somehow managed to work 18 days straight I'd rip them another arsehole, that's a clear breach of a number of regulations and it's clearly unsafe :evil:
  10. Really? This goes on more than we know. The next time you catch a cab, ask the cabbie when was the last time they had a day off. If its night time, ask them if this is their first shift of the day or their first job for the day. That's just one example. I've seen/heard of similar things going on in mining and civil construction.

  11. Well clearly you haven't heard of oil rigs then.
  12. if he made it worth my while in the $$$ department, was a good job i enjoyed and was a good boss id give 100% 7 days a week
  13. the original question is so vague

    first of all, are you being reasonably paid by your boss?
    and i don't mean in the current gfc-no-one-has-a-job-i'm-lucky-to-be-on-50k-bullshit, is he looking after his staff as much as you're looking after his company? you mentioned he's a good boss, and i work my ass off for a good boss

    second, what industry is this even in?
    i heard the Chernobyl disaster was caused by employer fatigue, someone wandering around in zombie mode. are you responsible for the safe radiation levels in your 1000km radius? or are you just responsible for not impaling a dozen workers with a forklift? micro-sleeps were the biatch for me last year.

    third, how long have you been there? people work harder during the honeymoon period of a new job, as they prove themselves. but i'm guessing you've already proven yourself to this boss, if he's asking you to take the reigns while he's off.

    saying that, when bosses go on holidays or take time off, he's also testing the ability of whoever is filling his shoes. i say do your best and get comfy with your local spunky barista
  14. Great post loki.

    OP, is this rotational work or just a one off thing??
  15. I work as hard as I have to and not a bit more. If that means 110%, then so be it. If it means 80%, then that's ok too. By my definition, if you're working those sort of days, that means you do exactly what is required and nothing less. It also means that you shouldn't then be expected to go over that and do additional hours (unpaid for instance).

    I couldn't work that long in one stretch, I really need 'my' time. But as pointed out, some can work weeks in one stretch and revel in it.

    One of the things I learned in my travels is that it doesn't matter how many hours you do, there is always something else to do. And when your boss needs to make cut backs (especially if it's a big company), you are nothing but a line item on a ledger.

  16. You are talking to a Bus company owner in a large Town who is in charge of many many employees here, I would think he would know a thing or 2 about how to treat employees.
  17. Nah, just a once off.

    Not responsible for anyones safety bar my own.

    I'm reasonably well paid for the industry but am due for a payrise.

    He's a good boss and I do work my ass off for him.

    I have proven myself already and I dont think this is a test, more of we dont have the staff and need you to cover.

    Is it really necessary to test someone over such a long period straight? Wouldn't it be more effective to test him/her while you are there to see the results?
  18. btw, i work for council, they get about 10% from me :grin:
  19. Ok, so a bus company has regulations so that the drivers are rested etc and alert when driving as they have many lives in their hands etc if they hit someone roll the bus. These are stated regulations that are set up for that bus company.

    However, the OP hasn't mentioned that they have those regulations in place at his place of work. Hence my comment about oil rigs, the client I work for now has a 4 week on, 4 week off rotation system, obviously, their regulations allow this. ZRX1200R has jumped straight in and cracked the shits, not knowing what the regulations of the OP's company has.