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Work dropped the bombshell

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by RRdevil, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. So I am very happy I am a qualified train driver as of January this year I completed my traineeship.

    News has come through today that trainees signed off after this date are only offered employment until February next year. Some of these guys are my mates and it sickens me to work for a company that could treat fresh keen new drivers this way. (just a note, my employment is safe as I'm on an open ended contract as I was signed off before all this)

    This is all due to a downturn in the price of iron ore causing some major changes. My work mainly revolves around general freight trains
  2. Hey,

    Sad to hear about the new guys but glad to know you are ok.

    Reality of course is less stuff moving, less trains a week needed = less drivers needed.

    Cheers Jeremy
  3. The mining industry can be pretty fickle. Always up and down. I have a mate who works as a diesel mechanic on those massive earth movers. His contracts can end with a weeks notice. Went to one place far north in remote WA and was told his time was up after 2 weeks.
  4. True. I'm just frustrated that the company I can work for can treat people this way. Two guys alone have just bought/built houses. Yet there are 65 year old drivers who tout the fact they have $1.6m in savings (not super). Im frustrated that the company can't see the benefit in investing in younger workers rather than the older blokes who are only going to give them another year or two
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  5. Yeah another company had a whole train turned around at Tarcoola in SA West before making it to the mine simply because the mine closed and sacked all the workers the day before.
  6. Whats age got to do with workers rights and entitlements?
  7. Nothing. But the next deaf old **** that stuffs up on my train and I'm pulling the show up and asking for him to be removed before I move the train. I'm disappointed some good young driver are being put in shit positions so I'm going to make sure if the old guys clinging on to hope of a redundancy stuff up, that they pay for it.
  8. At the risk of appearing right wing - this is the problem with union controlled jobs, last on first off.

    The mining companies tried to fix this by going to individual contracts. Have the drivers gone the same way? Genuine question as I know nothing about your industry or work place.

    The old guys as you call them may have invested 40 years of their life doing this when things where not so nice - is this not worth security?

    Just asking questions RR not having a go

    Cheers Jeremy
  9. Well I'm glad to hear age has got nothing to do with it. Good to know those young blokes never stuff up on your train.
  10. They invested 30 years of their lives before Australian National folded and the government sold it off, they all received hefty redundancies from the government and also continued with their state super which has massive returns the likes I'll never see. 90% of them are so cashed up they could retire to the good life and still have money to burn after they pass. It's just greed for them on hold put for another redundancy pure greed.

    We are not on separate contracts, we are under a union ratified EBA. I'm actually feeling so bad for these guys, guys who are my friends and colleagues that I'd consider a pay cut to just help keep them on
  11. Not nearly as much as older blokes. We have older blokes who can't even pass the medical yet they just go to their own doctor who ticks a couple boxes and away he goes (their doctor is usually well known to them)
  12. Thanks RR that puts the perspective I needed on where you were coming from.

    Cheers Jeremy
  13. ANZ is predicting 75,000 to go from resources in next 3 years... the way the miners treat their workers, not really surprising :p
  14. Not good to hear mate and I understand you're frustration.
    When you say that the company is only offering employment til February , do you mean that they're only guaranteeing employment til February and then after that the new guy's MIGHT be out of a job , or are they saying after February they definitely WON'T have a job ?
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    This is why I wont go contract anymore. My work for the last fifteen years was on contract with the Gov and various agencies of it, and it's so farken wrong. A lot worse than the private sector and that's ass about to everything I ever knew.
    They're not contracts anyway, they're a farce. If you read them they have all rights and you suck when they say. My understanding of a contract was that it was a fair and binding contract....... Go read the fine print!
    Gov contracts go three to five years and at the end they pull all the CPI and extra's go out of them. So at the end of your five years of work you go back to the wage you started on and try and rebuild some cash out of it. Meanwhile they raise their prices and cry poor every year.
    I pay all my taxes, GST, super,insurances and outgoings. They are my only form of income..... In other words I take all the burden, responsibility and costs. They reap all the profits.

    First they allow large conglomerates to wipe out the small mom and dad business. The Australian dream.
    Then they use the people up legally (under contract) till they are physically and mentally exhausted..... and terminate them, like a cockroach.

    We could buy Australian but little Johnny pretty well wiped out manufacturing in this country. Well him, his mates and a population that doesn't want to pay retail.
    We could shop at the local mom and dad store but they cant get the product as cheap as the big guys so they have to charge more, meaning we pay more. Now we're already being slugged terribly for previous governments bad choices.......... so even more are becoming unemployed.
    So big Jo makes it almost impossible to get the dole or assistance that most don't even try. That makes his figures look good. Oh and change the stat so if you get an hours work a week... your employed!!!! He laughs and laughs about that one... Rudd started that little joke.
    And those that persist end up so overcome with paperwork and wasted meetings that they don't have time to look for a job.
    Or try being a dad with a mortgage, business gone bust and working for the man under contract.. working your way backwards in life...............

    Unfortunately narcissists (your average politician) are so shallow they will never see that if they pull the safety net out from under the population, the whole shabangabang will implode on them.
    How do we make them see it?
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  16. We could try the business of a rope over the top of a lamp post, with a noose on one end.

    Unfortunately, the lamp posts in Canberra tend to be curvy in style, and a rope would just slip off.
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    Yes , and unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg.
    I work for a global company that makes components for the car industry - these days pretty much just Toyota.

    When I started here 11 years ago the place ran pretty much around the clock , 6 and sometimes 7 days a week supplying Toyota , Ford , GMH and Mitsubishi.

    Now the place is a mere shadow of its former self and everyone here is staring down the barrel of being unemployed sometime in the next 3 years.

    edit : along with tens of thousands of others in the industry.
  18. My mates a train driver, still a fireman but should have been moved up ages ago. He said he's in a position now where the gov has some apprenticeship scheme where they've agreed to take on more drivers than they'll ever need and now guys with a quarter of his experience are being promoted to drivers before him because there's a contract in place. He's basically been told he'll never be a driver now. Which sucks, he's a smart guy with a good record and has aced every test he's had to do.
  19. What does he drive? Passenger network (railcar) or freight?
  20. Freight in NSW