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Work carpark - Whats in yours?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jphanna, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. i work in a hospital, so we got a nearly 1500 workers here. just a quick summary of the regular commuters bikes here.....

    Harley sportster
    Yamaha scooter
    Bimota - supermono
    Triumph bonneville
    Kymco Scooter
    Yamaha R6

    u got anything juicy in your carpark?
  2. there are approximately 200 staff based on site. Mine is the only bike that regularly gets ridden to work. But, given I work for a transport company and good number of staff are line haul truck drivers.
  3. I sometimes see a hayabusa coming in when i finish a nightshift. Goddamn they're ugly things.

    Apart from that the usual, parking is free from motor and leg powered cyclists at my work.
  4. I used to share a mostly useless (for cars) space with a guy who rode a Speed Triple and a Multistrada. He has since left the company and now I'm the only regular bike (apart from a fair weather weekend warrior on a harley). Management decided that they would use the spot for a car and kicked me out. I don't know where I was going with that, think I just felt like ranting.
  5. I work in a high school. We have an older Yahama Fj1300, an occasional BMW 1200 R and a couple of Honda CT110's. The year 12 students ride scooters, we usually have about 15 or 20 of the buzz boxes parked as far away from staff cars as possible. Bikes get to park just outside the front door as the car park is grassed.
  6. Harley Switchback/Kawasaki KLR650 (mine)
    Harley Streetbob
    Triumph America
    Triumph Speedmaster
    Triumph Street Triple R
    BMW R100
    SYM Mio
  7. 60(?) people at work ten+ riders. most days there are 2 street triples, an R1, 2 vtr250s, a harley, a buel, 2 scooters, a vstrom 650, a gsf500, and a whatever "Yamaha call their DR650 rip off"...plus a Chinese clone of a BMW with side car (made recently, based on 1930s model). The last one isn't registered it just sits down stairs and people have coffee and look at it (because most people don't smoke).

    We have demarcated parking for ~20 bikes with bollards (all undercover and out of sight, 1/2 secure but difficult to get to, 1/2 unsecured but easy to get to), signs etc Because of this there are always spare car parks, and spare bike parks. I got in early when we moved offices and management (which I guess I am one of, when I'm on-site) were very accommodating. Due to the increased popularity we got the second lot of parks (the secured ones) -- that happened when I was away.

    ...good place to work, lots of engineers! More bikes in summer ;)
  8. The bike parks at work contain a bit of everything.

    Scooters, GSXR600's, Monsters, Sprints, Sportsters, DR's
    And for the last few days a nice Ducati 848 EVO that hasn't been past a 10 degree lean angle (it doesn't have chicken strips, it has whole roast chickens)
  9. I work at a very small office, 2 live here, 1 lives next door, 1 in QLD. I'm the only one that has to travel :(. Currently the Lancer is in the car park until I can ride the Blade.
  10. Office building in Wynyard, probs about 450 people. About 4-5 bikes, no probs for parking plenty of gaps.

    Suzuki 1000
    Sachs Dash 150 scooter not moved for 2 years
    My Kawasaki Versys 650
  11. My carpark is hopeless, there's my ninjette, a kymco scooter, and a hyosung downstairs....*sigh*
  12. Mine's the only bike in our carpark, but there's a few wannabe staff members prepared to bend my ear about it.

    At the Port Melbourne office, all the parking was outdoor, and there were a few dedicated bays for motorcycles. I didn't use them b/c I prefer to park in the shade all year round. The assistant building manager cracked the s&*ts b/c I was taking up a car space when I parked in a car spot in the shade (there wasn't a shortage of car spots btw), so I said fk it and started parking right out the front of the building on the footpath under the elm trees. They couldn't complain then.
  13. Honda CBR125R
    Kawasaki ZZR250

    Everyone else travel by cage.
  14. Nothing too exciting, apart form the odd Desmocidici :)

    It's a business park, so not all at our work, but Multistrada, VFR750, SS600, used to be a nice old Pantah... GSXFU650 or something...

    That's about it, apart from my TRX.
  15. Site is pretty big, maybe 600 or so people throughout the week (they come and go...scientists). Have seen a few since working here, one is a classic Moto Guzzi...maybe 1970s which pops up every so often...usually when it's nice weather. A GSX-R, R1/6 or something and some other sports orientated ones. I don't really go look at them and I am hopeless at spotting shapes to work out models.
  16. just cager scum
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  17. Yes I used to see it parked there everyday, just got a bit messy around there when they decided to trim those trees :)
  18. Usually, there's only really 5-6 bikes at work at the moment. It'll change come Summer, +1 when I finally get mine. Plenty of cages though.

    Few Honda CT110s, a Yamaha WR of whatever cc, a cruiser of sorts (It's a cruiser, why should I care about what it is:D) and a 11' Honda CBR250R.
  19. How Freudian of you - you drive a Lancer and ride a Blade - your subconscious is making you her biatch :D

    At my office (~250 people onsite)

    The dailies
    • Aprilia Shiver (mine)
    • Ducati Hypermotard 796
    • Honda VFR 800
    • Kawasakai Vulcan 900
    • Yamaha FJR1300
    • Suzuki WeeStom 650

    The solar-powered annoyances
    • Ducati Monster 696
    • Some POS scooty-puff-junior
    • Suzuki GSXR1000 (with the Mr T like chicken strips)

    We have a pretty good bike culture going
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    5 or 6 gators and 3 trucks.