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Work & bike boots

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tenoq, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. I ride to work everyday, and spend the day walking around in my Draggins and bike boots. Now while my boots are reasonably comfy, they're not comfy enough to make me happy about wearing them 9-5, 5 days a week.

    So I was wondering - anyone else spend the day on their feet with boots? Are there some decent inserts or something that I can add to my boots for a little extra comfort? I'm wearing all-day type socks, but they're only of limited use.
  2. just buy more comfortable boots.

    try the bmw stuff, you can wear them all day every day
  3. I leave another pair of shoes at work and change into them everyday .. perhaps thats an option for you?
  4. I have a pair of the 'Setup' lace up boots that you see adds for in AMCN and while they are not full on M/bike boots they do offer ankle protection and walking comfort.
    Good value for $100.
  5. i have another pair of shoes at work aswell, not because of the motorbike tho, its my pushy shoes that are a biatch to walk around in all day :LOL:

    or try sluglies idea, i've got a pair of those rossi motorbike boots with the nice thick air cushioned sole. comfiest boots i've EVER had, and they're right at the bottom of the motorbike boot price bracket too at around $200
  6. That's what I do, easy as. I just take them home each Friday for a clean (yeah right) and bring them in the bag on Monday. I leave work pants there too and just bring in a shirt each day. Simple.
  7. get a set of those big motorcross boots , they serve two purposes .
    1. soles never wear out
    2. gets you a handicap parking spot :LOL:
    (for those who have never walked in them , try and imaging walking in ski boots without the ski's clipped on )
  8. wear 2 pairs of explorer socks ;)
  9. Explorer socks and lambswool insoles for the boots mmmmm comfy :)
  10. I used to wear mine all the time (we're a jeans & t-shirt office).

    Stopped wearing the as I wore the soles right down.
  11. BMW "Street Sneakers" $165 a pair. Once you wear them in they are great. They're a short boot with all the usual m/c protection. They're water resistant rather than fully waterproof but no short boot is any good when it rains. They don't even particularly look like motorcycle boots.

    The drawback for non-BMW riders is that they have laces and you'll need to learn to tie your own shoelaces :D :D

  12. I'm in a casual office, and I wear a pair of SIDI boots all day.

    They're very comfy and as a bonus, if I ever fall off my chair my feet are protected.
  13. Thomas Cooks for me, more bloody comfortable than the Blundstones I have to wear when I'm on site.
  14. We talking about the Johnny Rebs here? Got a pair for horse riding originally and plan to use them on the bike. Best. Boots. Ever.
  15. Anyone wear caterpillar/colorado workboots as bikeboots? Just curious cos they're comfortable, look pretty normal and have ankle protection. Just not sure if they'd get in the way of gear levers etc?
  16. LineNoise

    Very similar, had a gear change patch stitched on and I have crash tested em, lost a bit of heal but still damn comfortable.
  17. I just keep a pair of shoes at work and get changed in the morning.
  18. yup, thems the ones i am wearing at the moment (our office is also casual wear)
  19. Hmmm.... well I'm not gunna go buy some new boots just because these don't have a padded inner sole - they're otherwise quite comfy, and best fitting of all the ones I tried on (they're Daytona Flash, btw).

    Might see if I can find an insert to soften them up a bit. I find wearing explorer socks gives me hot, sweaty feet, so I try to avoid them usually. Got a pair of old Nikes at home I guess I could leave in the shop.... or maybe some ug boots! Might be an OH&S issue tho. :p

    I've tried wandering around in socks today - much, MUCH worse than wearing my boots. I reckon the office floor is cheap carpet, CONCRETE. No underlay, no nothing! Probably doesn't help!
  20. One pair of boots to wear on road bike...
    One pair of snekers in the office for office duties...
    Two pairs of bike boots for out door duties...

    LOL I love Aus post... they pay for all my boots (incidently they are Rosi and they sux big time!!)