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Work-appropriate pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Gobberwart, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. I'd like to start riding my bike into work, and I'm looking for some pants that I can wear which will give me some protection while riding (weather/safety) but which I can also wear in the office, since my workplace has a strict "no denim" policy, which means my kevlar jeans are useless.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for something I can wear which I can ride with and keep on in the office without raising comment, or which I can easily throw on over the top of my work clothes without making myself too uncomfortable?

    I could take a backpack and get changed when I get to work, but that's a pain in the arse and a waste of time so I'd rather just wear something that I don't have to screw around with at the other end.
  2. Don't know if it's what you're after but I wear my draggin k-legs and I usually just wear whatever pants over it. You could easily wear them under some formal pants? Might get hot towards summer though
  3. I had a similar problem which I solved by buying a pair of these:
    http://www.rjays.com.au/home/products/textile-all seaons pants.html
    which I just wore over my office pants (so no need to change or carry any extra clothes on the bike).

    Not evident in the photo but the pants are basically mesh everywhere but the important bits (knees and arse) which is good for summer - and come with an internal waterproof liner for winter. Think I only paid around $120-130 for mine.

    Edit: Oh and they do include armour in the knees and hips, so if anything would be better protection in a crash than most kevlar jeans (not that I've had the chance to test either).
  4. Already been discussed. See here.

    I think the consensus was that they don't exist in the true formal sense, but jd's idea is probably the best, and what I would have suggested.

    I just keep a pair of pants at work and get changed there. I have to change boots anyway, so it really doesn't take that much longer to change pants too.
  5. Damn, my search-fu failed me. I did try to search, but apparently I got it wrong LOL

    Thanks [MENTION=34621]Greydog[/MENTION]

    I think [MENTION=15324]jd[/MENTION] has the answer though, those rjays pants look like just the ticket. Cheers.
  6. This comes up so often you'd think that some manufacturer would take the hint...

    You've got a couple of options.
    Draggin (and others AFAIK) do a chino style pant with kevlar. The downsides? They get travel-worn/tatty pretty quickly from riding, and a bit expensive to replace every few months; added kevlar can be hot in summer; not waterproof.

    I've taken to wearing enduro-style overpants of heavy grade cordura. The wide leg kind, not elasticated so I can get them on over short boots. Downsides: having to drop the overdacks in plain view (on arrival) which always elicits some bawdy remark. Mine are not waterproof. Aldi waterproof overpants for rainy days (cordura, not the rain suit, which offers no protection). Waterproofs are stinky hot and sweaty in warm weather no matter what they say.

    Or take suit pants to work and leave them there to change on arrival.
  7. I had a pair of Draggin Chinos for years. They eventually died following a lengthy slide on the hip/arse which showed up some structural weaknesses. I did buy a replacement pair but, for some reason they're a really odd shape so I rarely wear them but can't bring myself to get rid of them because they cost so much.

    I currently wear a pair of locally obtained black denim kevlar jeans but the denim is sufficiently fine that it's not obviously denim unless someone looks closely.
  8. Great options everyone, thanks. Next question... anyone want to give me a free pair? Size 38 :)
  9. If your work pants are a good quality microfibre, they won't wrinkle if you wear the textile mc pants over the top.

    Alternatively, you can put them in a backpack or Ventura bag and they won't crush.

    But the fabric has to be good quality. Any minor wrinkles from being folded will fall out from body heat when you wear them.
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    I just keep slacks/shoes/belt in my desk drawer at work, and change when i get there.

    I'd love an aerostich roadcrafter or similar though, definitely something I'll be investing in down the track :)

  11. I have 2 piece leathers which I purposely got 1 size too big, and then pull them on over the top of my work clothes, works a treat. (Just try the leathers on with your work clothes on at the same time to get the size right).

    Advantages: Extra safety of leather, dont have to worry about getting changed.

    Disadvantages: A little more expensive, about $800 (from memory) all up for jacket and pants from Mars Leathers. Can be a little hot on warmer days if you are stuck at lights for too long, but being leather they breathe well once you get moving.
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  12. You guys rock, thanks for the suggestions. Brain is ticking over now.
  13. Tak had some special RHOK work trousers once upon a time. He may even still have some for sale. Old thread relating to them.
  14. If you're wearing pants with no armour, the strap on knee protectors from RSTaichi are pretty nifty.
  15. I wear Draggins & boots to ride to the office. I keep my work pants & shoes in my top box and change in the underground car park. I sometime get caught by some of the office ladies, maybe one day I will get lucky! I also have Knox knee pads that I attach with velcro.

    I agree with an earlier poster, if you have to swap your boots for work shoes you may as well change the pants too, no biggie.
  16. Hey Gobbers are you still off the gaspers.
  17. It's a daily battle at the moment.
  18. Hang in there mate, it should be getting easier now.
    (Segway to on topic)
    Just watch your weight, food and booze'll state tasting good and it's too easy to go up a few sizes...

    I just pull my Draggins over street clothes- it's bulky but works OK and take a pair of shoes in the gearpack. Not waterproof though, for that you'll need overpants.

  19. gore tex pants that you can put over the top seems to be the flavour in my office.... one of the guys wears leathers and changes when he gets in.
  20. Do you have lockers at work that you can use, Gobberz?

    I keep my work pants in the locker and take a shirt with me in the backpack and just change there. Got the whole changing thing into an art form now barely takes a few minutes.

    The work shoes also stay under my desk and easy as. IMO, a locker makes it very easy.