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Words you don't want to hear

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by port80, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. I'd parked in the driveway as to not wake the kids up, I forgot my bike was there when my fiancee had to run down the street.

    "Hun, I just bumped your bike" she says in a panic after backing the car out of the garage.

    I jumped up to go inspect the damage, *whew* it was still on its sidestand. Just a couple of tiny white paint marks from the cars bumper.

    Moral of the story, be careful where you park. Bikes should be parked inside the house, preferably in the kitchen or lounge.

  2. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    That'll teach you for having too much computer equipment in your house as not to fit the bike ;) :p
  3. what's your ecuse for speeding
  4. Park the bike in the kids room and the kids in the driveway you have to get you priorities right :LOL:
  5. I'll just run that past the missus. Best call 000 and pre-order me an ambo.
  6. Yeah the bike is supposed to get its own bed. that's how it is in my house, I don't know about you guys. :grin:
  7. How about this for me yesterday

    Mechanic: 'I've got some bad news...'

    Me: 'Fiddlesticks'
  8. that's why I bought this house on a concrete slab, no steps to get the bike up .... and a big sliding door to make life easy :p
  9. That would have scared the hell out of me. Glad it's okay :)
  10. So what is the final verdict? Will she live?
  11. Still waiting for the final diagnosis. Hopefully (I'm calling in any and all good karma I have coming for me) it will not be major, but I've already accepted that it probably is worst case.

    We will see how it goes.
  12. pheww...anything's better than "I'm pregnant." :dance:
  13. "How do you plead to the counts of reckless endangerment, failiure to control a motor vehicle and exceeding the speed limit by 140km/h."
  14. We have a single garage and 3 cars at my place.
    All cars outside - bike in the garage :grin:

    There's rumours of big car-port construction happening at my house though, in light of hail-storms etc ^_^
  15. Words you don't want to hear.

    "Honey, it's either me or the bike"
  16. That's the way it should be..
  17. convo with bf 2 night's back:

    c: carport's gettin' a bit crowded - 2 cars, 2 bikes 'n' 2 pushies
    k: best make sure next place we buy has also got room for two trail-bikes

    that's what a like - a partner with right priorities :wink:
  18. Heheh he hee owwww babies interferre with my bike riding.