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Words that end in GRY

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Ljiljan, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. "The fifth panel also applies to post-modernists"

  2. i dont get it wats the 3rd gry?
  3. 1 The
    2 English
    3 language
    4 that
    5 end
    6 in
    7 Gry

    That's how I understand it. I for one am glad he was sliced :LOL:
  4. Edit: Oh, yeah, "Language" is the third word in the sentence. Doh. :p

    Funny joke because of the concept alone though.
  5. THUD!

    The sound of Lilley's head hitting the keyboard. :wink:

    Edit: result of cat walking across keyboard :oops:
  6. thanks, you saved me the pain of doing it myself.

    And just incase you're missing the point iEdd, the concept is the point of the whole strip.
  7. Just taking a hit for the team, little friend. :LOL:
  8. In case you missed my point, that was my point. :wink:
  9. Ah, guys be careful you don't confuse your concept with intent. You know how messy that can get. :wink:
  10. > Lilley

    Impressive sense of humour for a 20 year old.
  11. care to explain that?
  12. y'kno... most 20yos cant reed gud.
  13. Basically, most 20 year olds don't think like that, and wouldn't understand it. Your sense of humour is quite mature.
  14. yeh maybe, I do have a very cynical side though, which would be the major factor I think. You might be underestimating 20 year olds though. then again, maybe not.

    I've also been reading calvin and hobbes for years, which has a very similar style of humour, so thats probably where my appreciation of the xkcd comics come from.
  15. XKCD Always provides much LOLs ...
    I agree with the strip though. It's so annoying when people are deliberately ambiguous and then think you are stupid for not getting what they are saying. I get it a lot working at a supermarket ... "You know .. those things you use in that asian dish"
  16. that's nearly as stupid as the Goons 50 years ago..

    "I'm sending you the password"

    "How do you spell it?"

    "I T"
  17. Yep, every year 3 kid's favourite joke. hence my annoyance when my brother does the same thing. He is 18.
  18. If someone asked me that question, I'd have answered "fungry".
  19. i dont get it