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words fail me... :)

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by russ, Aug 29, 2005.

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  2. He turned his life in a rocket propelled grenade? or am I just out of touch.
  3. Oh please stop it, my sides are splitting and my eyes are sore
    Actually, it's rather sad, speaking as one whose son and daughter in law elected to spend their honeymoon in Texas attending an rpg conference.....
    kdjsahdhsadhsa diuhsa piduhsa
    (words just failed completely)
  4. Hey I think the guy talks a lot of sense!

  5. Hehehehehhe, what a wind-up!!!
    Watch the rpg'ers come out of the woodwork on that one!
  6. Good God, man! 16 cans of beer STAT! Follow that with some enforced socialising with a bunch drunks at Philip Island! Confiscate their Palm Pilots and take them beyond wireless interent access. Move fast or they'll be beyond help. :shock:

  7. I know, I know
    Hey, have you ever done a search for "deyago" in google.com.au ???????
  8. Has anyone played "Netrider"? Way Cool! It all takes place in a fantasy construct ruled by two geniuses called "Mouth" and "Vic". Normally these games are Good V Evil, but in this case they're both evil!

    The AI engine behind Netrider is pretty good. It even spawns characters that make occasional spelling mistakes, have tantrums and generally do stuff that would even fool Turing. If you watch long enough, you can see that it is really AI because characters (like the legendary "Groberts") appear from time to time with spelling so bad that it has to be a software bug.

    On Monday nights I meet a group of friends who also play. They're kinda nice, but you can tell they're all nerds trying to emulate the Netrider characters.

    Anyway, time to go. I can only stand so much reality.
  9. Mark, that was begging to be said, and no-one could have said it better. lol
    Actually had dinner with Jason the other night and he didn't seem at all evil...........
  10. I thought it was going to be a video of a guy with a Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher... darn :(
  11. Edvard Munch avatar....pink floyd derived signature.....erudite methinks
  12. Brilliant, as usual, Chairman.

    Enough material in here to last a long time and spark a whole new thread of its own...(I'm not going to start it "Have you played Netrider?")

    As far as the title of this thread is concerned, I think it's about the most inappropriate one that could have been chosen.

    NOBODY in here could ever say that words fail them, least of all me.
  13. Good idea RC, instead of actually riding, we can post on netrider about playing a game called netrider in which you post on netrider about actually riding.
  14. until we all disappear into our collective exhaust pipes........!